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By SHOAIB 729 views

How and Why Bloggers Should Get Started with Amazon Merch

Everyone has been getting into an online side hustle lately, and the internet is flooded with every type of bloggers like lifestyle, business, and personal blogger. There’s fresh content every day that makes it hard for you to remain competitive. If you’re a blogger who’s looking to make their way out of the crowd and make a good amount of amount profit within your niche, then having your Merch is the way to go.

We all have seen t-shirts, pens, and stickers that remind us of certain brands and the influence a brand’s name can have on people. No matter what kind of business you’re in, whether it’s carpet cleaning in London or a Pastry shop in Belgium, it’s important to have more than one kind of income stream.

Therefore, once you’ve achieved a level of recognition as a blogger, it’s important to get started with your Merchandize, and here’s why;

Reasons to Have Your Own Amazon Merch

Before you jump into anything, it’s important to know why having your merchandise as a blogger is a safe way to earn more money. Selling your merchandise can be a great resource to add more revenue to your brand and have more exposure.

Once you have your Merch, you will be able to increase your visibility and reach as a blogger, but it will also help you get recognized by major companies as well.

Come to think of it; it’s a brilliant idea to do your marketing and make money from it as well. However, if you’re new to the idea, Amazon will provide the platform you need to get started.

Amazon Merch is Amazon’s custom print-on-demand service that’s going to help you design your products. You can incorporate your vision and slogan onto T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, tote bags, etc. It’s an affordable way to reach a large number of audiences worldwide, and the process is quite simple.

Here’s how;

1. Have Your Personalised Artwork/ Logo

This is the first step to getting started with Amazon Merch. You’ll need a lot of creative ideas; think about the kind of ideas you’re promoting through your blog. If you’re a social media blogger, you can reach out to your fans by designing different products that express your vision.

If you’re an artist, you can use your artwork and get it printed onto several products and just submit it to Amazon, and they’ll take care of the rest. We all know the reach of bloggers these days and how a lot of companies hire them to promote their products, so use the same ideas to promote yourself.

Just pick a product or any accessory that your audience will want to purchase and make it more personalized. A lot of brands sell their Merchandise by pasting a simple logo on it; you know your fans well and use it to your advantage.

2. Set Up Prices

The thing about huge brands selling their Merch is that it’s often not affordable for all of their fans, so be smart about the pricing. You can set up different prices depending on the type of product.

The good thing about Amazon Merch is that you don’t have to pay any of the listing costs until an item is sold. So just set a price, and Amazon will upload the product, and you’ll receive a royalty with every piece you sell.

3. Stand Out

Having your Merch is getting popular these days. Therefore, to stand out in the crowd, you have to come up with something new. There are a lot of people selling simple designs as their Merchandise. Hence, to stand out, you need to be more creative. You need to express your creativity through your designs.

Blogging is all about relating to the audience and letting them have a peek into your personal life, so think of what your fans will want on a set of mugs or T-shirts. It’s important to choose your Merchandise wisely.

Take your vision and creativity and sell it using practical and useful products because the more a customer uses a product, the more they will think about your blog.

4. Sit Back and Wait for Delivery

Amazon Merch is a really simple process because the only job you have is to develop a sentimental design and have it printed out on any product and leave the rest. Amazon prints all the artwork and sends it to the customers once they place an order.

However, you will need to promote your Merch on your online platforms because Amazon is only going to help the fans get what they want. Standing out and promoting something that will deeply touch your fans is all your job. Therefore, a blogger needs to get into this business venture because nowadays, bloggers are the only one’s handling different marketing campaigns.

Once everything is done and dusted, just sit back and wait for your products to be delivered. You can make a lot of money every month using your huge list of followers and helping them have a little something to remember you. It’s a great way to build more brand recognition because once your Merchandise takes off, you will be flooding in with several orders.

Takeaway – Build Your Brand through Amazon

The good thing is that you don’t need to hire a graphic designer or be an artistic person to get started with your Merch. Just think of all the reasons you started blogging in the first place, and you will have your vision.

It’s always a good idea to share something more personal with your fans that makes you different from every other famous influencer. You will be connecting with them on another level and selling products they can use daily.

So, do your research, and hopefully, this will convince you to leap. You can keep all these helpful tips in your mind and make the process a bit easier for you. Amazon Merchandise will be a great way to gain a loyal fan base so they can appreciate you more.


Shoaib provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing.