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Here is your moving checklist that will make your first day in your new residence a happy and relaxing one. Take note of these smart things you need to do before you move your residence. The tips and checkpoints listed here are approved by experts. So you no need to worry at all about your packing requirements, moving furniture, vehicles, storing them in RV storage or hiring a self-storage unit in nearby areas, sizes of cartons, labeling boxes, etc. We have covered it all for you.

The moving checklist

hen things are organized and well-planned, you can manage any kind of challenge. The same applies while moving and getting adjusted in your new residence. If you follow this moving checklist, your excitement of getting settled at your new place will not wear off. And, there will not be any panic.

Checkpoint 0 – Set a moving budget

You might be wondering why it is a zero number? Well, nowadays zero means most important. First of all, set up a moving budget so you do not overrun the costs. Assess your financial condition and list down all possible moving associated costs moving truck rental, gas prices, road tolls, parking fees, etc.), the cost of the necessary packing materials, hiring storage units, insurance costs, travel expenses, and post-relocation expenses. You should also have a contingency fund for emergency cases.

Checkpoint 1 – Give a daily box quota

Your house is full of different kinds of items. So, obviously, you cannot pack everything in one go or in one day. So divide items roomwise and plan a daily box quota at least in a week’s advance time. For example, you can plan at least packing 5 cartons a day. Avoid packing till exertion. Remember, there has to be some energy left for unpacking too.

Checkpoint 2 – Pack those items handy which you will need immediately

Usually, kitchenware and bathroom items are the ones that we need on an immediate basis. The rest can wait for a day or two. Pack all necessary food items, kitchenware, toiletries, etc in handy boxes with proper labels in big fonts. These should be moved at the last so they do not get lost in heaps and piles. So make sure you haul the basics before the moving truck reaches your premises.

Checkpoint 3 – Rent a self-storage for precious items

There are three legitimate uses of self-storage units – moving, buying or selling a home. And it is absolutely okay to pay for a bit more extra space to take care of your items. Nowadays, in addition to self-storage, there are also on-demand storage services. These on-demand storage services offer both pickup and delivery of your items that need to go into storage.

Moreover, you can compare the cost of a storage unit with full-service storage incorporated into the price. That basically means that you pay someone to come get your stuff, put it in your storage unit, and you don’t have to do any of the work.

But in both packing items inn cartons or boxes and storing valuables in self-storage units, do the proper labeling on all items.

Checkpoint 4 – Switch your utilities

Enough done with storing and packing your items. It is not a no-brainer activity. If you do not switch your utilities, only you will be in trouble. So catch hold of them in time. Call the utility companies and set up a service switch before moving your house. And, if you are moving into your own house after getting it renovated, arrange a maintenance call to reestablish service.

Checkpoint 5 – Get familiar with local resources

Moving to a new place comes with excitement as well as a challenge. The challenge is to get acquainted with the new place and get familiar with local resources. Before you move, start visiting the neighborhood in a week or fortnight’s advance period. Take a walk in the surroundings and shake hands with the people you meet on the way. Ask for recommendations for the handyman, babysitters, dog walkers, etc.

Final thoughts – Visualize a decent life in your new home

So if you have check-marked this moving checklist, you are all set to go ahead. Hire a transport service for loading and unloading items and packages. Wave goodbye to your existing neighbors and visualize a peaceful, relaxed and decent life in your new home.

We are sure following this moving checklist, it will not be stressful for you. We wish you a “happy moving”!

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