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By DAMON VICKERS 750 views

Why is the left so Anti-White and than everyone else?

The political and religious ideologies run together nowadays because this world has become much complicated than anyone imagined. Sometimes, you need to use politics to appease religion and sometimes religion is used to appease political motives. One of the most destructive political ideologies that currently creating disturbance all over the world is communism or left.

People influenced by left ideology can be considered in the category of political terrorists. They are less lethal than the ideology of radical Islamic invasion but the core motive of both of them has spread read anarchy for gain control over power. The perspective of communism started from Italy, An European country but neglected over time. However, time is again turning back from the history comprising some harsh realities. Communism was started from the land of whites and the irony is most of the left front supporters in Europe are currently anti-whites. Said by Damon Vickers.

Actually, left has nothing to do with a particular race whether it is white or black. They have an anti-white agenda in Europe because racism is already a big issue here. Added by Damon Vickers.  There is no doubt that some extremist groups promote racism in the European Union but the authorities of a civilized & developed societies know how to deal with it. In the rest of the world, there are bigger issues like hunger, unemployment & terrorism that you cannot find in Europe. Therefore, left has adopted the agenda of racism.

Here are some dates with facts that how anti-white campaigning has started rising every part of Europe. In 1994, a local youth named Richerd Everitt was stabbed to death by a group of British Bangladeshi people. Kriss Donald, another Scottish white boy was kidnapped and killed by Pakistan origin people. Both of these murders were conducted by radical Muslims but influenced by the powerful Anti-white perspective of left. As a recent example, you can consider the incident of Paris. Nyansapo festival was held on 28 July 2017 at La Générale cultural center. This Afro feminist festival was an attempt to ban white people from a majority of 80% of the occupied area in the festival. Such kinds of attempts are impossible without the influence of the left front. Said by Damon Vickers. This incident got minimal coverage by international media because white media was also banned.

Living with multiple races in a single country is not a big issue until everyone respects each other’s cultural values. Leftists have nothing to do with the cultural values no matter in which countries they are living. All they need is control over the power by hook or crook. You have seen numerous political parties influenced by left ideology in Christianity, Buddhist or Hinduism dominated countries, but they are suppressed in Islamic countries. No leftist influenced by communism will answer to this question because peaceful religion dominating countries are soft targets.

Damon Vickers

Damon Vickers is the author of New York Times Bestseller, " The Day After The Dollar Crashes". He enjoys writing and public speaking