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Anya Robbie
By GRACIE HART 6,831 views

Getting to Know Anya Robbie, Margot Robbie’s Older Sister

Anya Robbie’s standing in the Australian film and television industry is undoubtedly influenced by her sister, the acclaimed Oscar-winning actress and producer, Margot Robbie. Despite being consistently cast in her sister’s shadow, Anya has forged a notable reputation as a respected senior accountant.

This article delves into the multifaceted aspects of Anya Robbie’s life, spanning her early years, educational pursuits, professional trajectory, and the delicate balance between her public and private spheres.

Despite the perpetual comparison to her illustrious sister, Anya has carved out a distinct path marked by commendable achievements.

Anya Robbie – A Quick Bio

Attribute Information
Full Name Anya Robbie
Gender Female
Birth Place Dalby, Queensland
Country Australia
Nationality Australian
Marital Status Single
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Doug Robbie
Mother Sarie Kessler
Siblings 3
Education Bond University
Profession Senior Accountant
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde

Ancestry and Early Years

Anya Robbie entered the world in 1989, hailing from the quaint Australian town of Dalby, Queensland. Her lineage connects her to the realms of agriculture, being the offspring of sugar cane magnate and farm owner Doug Robbie, and physiotherapist Sarie Kessler. Anya is part of a trio of siblings, with one of them, Margot Robbie, attaining notable success as an actress and producer in the Australian entertainment industry.

Following the separation of her parents, Anya, along with her brothers, found their home in the scenic Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast, under the care of their mother. This period marked a chapter of resilience and familial bonds as they navigated the nuances of post-divorce life. The siblings, rooted in the rhythms of rural life, also cherished moments spent with their grandparents in the familiar surroundings of Dalby.


Anya Robbie has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Bond University. Her impressive resume as a senior accountant is a direct result of her hard work in the classroom.

Success Story

Anya Robbie joined Accounts Pty Ltd as a senior accountant after finishing her schooling. It is clear that she is a successful accountant, although there is little information about her employment.

However, Anya Robbie is better known as the sister of Oscar-winning actress and producer Margot Robbie.

Anya Robbie Net Worth

Anya Robbie makes a good amount of money doing her job as a senior accountant, so she can afford the things she needs and wants. But, as of April 2023, she hasn’t told anyone exactly how much money she makes, what her salary is, or how much she’s worth overall. It’s like a secret she’s keeping for herself!

Relationships and Ethnicity

Anya Robbie is a Christian of mixed-race heritage; her ancestry includes the Scots and the Germans. Her weight, height, and other stats are unknown at this time. There is no known information regarding Anya’s relationship history, and she is presently single.

But she and her sister Margot Robbie appear to be very close; the two are frequently spotted attending public events together.

Margot Robbie

A Thrilling Ride on the Ghan

Three years ago, Margot promised her sister that she would send her on her 30th birthday. Margot didn’t hesitate to make Anya’s dream come true and send her on the world-famous Ghan Railway. Margot’s sister got the trip as a birthday present, and it included a ride on the Ghan Railway.

Margot was ecstatic to be able to grant her sister’s birthday wish and Anya was superbly excited to go on this exciting journey. On their trek through the desert to Uluru, the sisters were joined by Anya’s brother, Cameron Robbie. Margot posted a series of breathtaking photos on Instagram from their trip to the Outback.

Margot, dressed in workout clothes and a knit cap, poses for a photo with a lucky camel. At the kangaroo sanctuary outside Alice Springs, Margot was photographed holding a baby joey. “Outback adventures in @Australia,” Margot captioned the photos.

The natural beauty of the world needs no embellishments. Margot went to Dalby in Queensland to attend her grandmother’s funeral, and then on vacation for Anya’s birthday.

When Margot was able to return from her hectic schedule, her family postponed the funeral. Verna, or “Narnie” as she was called by her granddaughter Margot, lived to be 92.

Margot and her family, including her brother Cameron, visited their grandmother in hospice care. Margot is a busy actress, but she always makes time for her loved ones, no matter how busy her schedule.

She has a strong relationship with her family and is especially close to her sister, Anya. Margot is very proud of her sister, and the two regularly post photos of themselves together on social media, gushing about how much fun they have together.

As a professional makeup artist, Anya has assisted Margot on numerous occasions. Margot said in an InStyle interview that Anya does her makeup every time and she loves how it turns out.

Margot claims that Anya is the only makeup artist she trusts and that she always feels beautiful after work. The sisterly love between Margot and Anya is also evident in their online interactions.

They appreciate each other and encourage each other professionally. Anya’s 30th birthday was made memorable by Margot and her sister’s outback trip together.


Anya Robbie is good at numbers and stuff, but people haven’t noticed how awesome she is as a senior accountant. On the other hand, her sister Margot Robbie is super famous for acting and producing movies. She’s won four Golden Globes, five Screen Actors Guild Awards, and got nominated five times for the British Academy Film Awards!

Robbie Siblings

Anya’s brother Lachlan is a stuntman, while her other brother Cameron Robbie is also an Australian actor. While Cameron has appeared in some short films and TV shows, Lachlan has done stunt work for major studio films like Aquaman and Birds of Prey.

The Robbie siblings seem to be close and supportive of one another despite their diverse professional pursuits. Celebrity family lore is always fascinating, and Anya Robbie’s brothers and sisters are no exception.

Margot Robbie Siblings


In conclusion, Anya Robbie is the elder sister of the renowned Australian actress and producer Margot Robbie and a very accomplished senior accountant in her own right. Anya is well-known as Margot’s sister, but she is also a respected accountant in her own right.

Anya has kept a modest profile and her personal life secret while living in the shadow of her famous older sister. Anya’s academic and professional accomplishments are impressive, and they attest to her diligence and perseverance.

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer