Best programming languages for mobile app development

The era you are living in is Digital. In the past few years, smartphones have evolved much more from being just a mode of communiqué. With the introduction of potential mobile apps, even businesses are also benefitting from this gadget.

With the advancement of modern technologies in the sphere of mobile app development, the programming languages are also witnessing an upward trend in terms of progress. Software engineers are trying their best in grasping knowledge about the best programming languages related to mobile app development. Every day, new styles are capturing the world of advancement in technologies.

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These languages play an integral part in an apps’ appealing and accessible user interface. Besides that, there is a wide variety of cross-platform, web, hybrid, and even codeless tools to build UIs.

Expert mobile app developers usually come up with questions like which programming language is the best? Are companies using the Flutter app? Which one is better: Kotlin or Dart?

You will get answers to the above questions in this section. Explore below:

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source platform that is compatible with iOS, Desktop systems, and Android web. This open-source platform was released in the year 2015 by Google, purposely to arrange a marketplace for Google Fuchsia. It is the best cross-platform app development SDK.

This open-source platform works well in creating native apps with the help of a single code base. It is way more different than native Android because of its fetch-and-display type apps. It is highly useful in social media or data management mobile applications. Apart from this, it is also famous for its built-in UI components.

But another question that must be striking your mind is: how is Flutter different from Java? Flutter and Java, both are the best programming languages in the world of mobile app development. Java programming language has been in the dictionaries of programming for ages now. On the other hand, Flutter was designed especially for the programming of iOS and Android programming. Flutter app development companies use this language to develop mobile apps for Apple and Android mobile phones.

After understanding the working of Flutter app development companies and how Flutter is different from Java, let us now understand in detail about other best programming languages in the sphere of mobile app development.


According to Google, Kotlin is arguably the best language in developing Android. Google boosts the acceptance of this programming language in the community. Spring, a renowned Java Enterprise framework, has been supporting this programming language since 2017. According to spring, this programming language is the best because of the following reasons.

  • Perfect language design.
  • Clean, concise code
  • Highly productive
  • Provides Null pointer safety

Apart from this, Kotlin is surpassing Java with its exclusive and user-friendly specifications. The programming language is a product by JetBrains that makes it exceptional tooling support. This programming language also delivers a smooth way of writing Domain Specific Language (DLS). It is also known for its towering popularity since its inception in the year 2015.


Dart is another useful programming language listed by Google that has efficiently developed its own set of programming languages like Dart. It was designed and developed as a web and app development domain. It works perfectly in terms of supporting strong typing and objected-oriented programming. This programming language dedicates to the productivity of the developer. It is the best programming language due to the following attributes.

  • The simple, smooth, clear, precise syntax
  • Strong-typing and Object-oriented programming feature
  • Fits well in the scalable JavaScript tag
  • Supports JIT and AOT compilation
  • Comes with an excellent tooling support

Dart is the fast-growing programming language in the year 2019, and its recognition has never seen a downward trend since then. Like other programming languages, Dart has also beaten some popular programming languages since its inception in the year 2015. This programming language stands at 12th rank in the StackOverflow developer survey. The leading competitor languages of Dart are namely JavaScript and TypeScript.

Now that you have read in detail about the features and importance of the best programming languages like Kotlin, Java, and Dart, you must be wondering which one to choose for app development. The answer is simple; the programming mentioned above words have inherent features and qualities.

These languages have been around for ages. Also, these languages support features an app developer would expect to look today; functional, generics, OO programming constructs, and strict/strong typing, etc. All these languages include high-quality tooling.

Final thoughts 

Going by the thoughts and ideas of top app developers, both Kotlin and Dart are working well in the field of mobile app development. Also, these are getting better and advanced with every release. A competent app developer should be able to consider and understand the pros and cons of such advanced programming languages before getting started with mobile app development.

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