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ASO Metrics & KPIs to Measure Digital Success

Do you want to know how to measure the success of your app on the respective app store?

Well, it does have a straightforward answer. Still, you will get to know here the key areas that reflect the expected success of the mobile application.

Just understand the fact that success does not come overnight. And, the same goes well with your newly launched application on Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

It takes time to reach the targeted set of audience. Even after availing the much-needed App store optimization services from a reliable partner.

One has to have a deep understanding of the processes, measurement of the results, and analyzing the impact of a particular campaign. It takes a lot of time to understand all these and work on the most important metrics or KPIs to measure success.

Therefore, we bring forth the respective KPIs to refer to that help to measure the success rate and optimize it further, if necessary.

Here are Five Key Metrics to Measure the Success of ASO Campaign–

The purpose of the App Store Optimization(ASO) service is to improve the visibility and discoverability of the application on a respective app store. It aims to meet the objective of maximum organic installations, reducing cost per acquisition and paid marketing.
Now, the goals are clear, the next is to focus on metrics that mark the expected growth of the application and then decide later efforts.

1. Application Visibility

There is no doubt in the fact that ASO is all about improving the visibility and searchability factor of an application. And, that too in top search results on the app store, top charts, and features.

As for the visibility metrics, there are few prerequisites that one can refer to know the growth perspective.

• Keyword Ranking
• Top Charts Ranking
• App Category Ranking
• Similar Kind of App Ranking

Simply say, the above metrics clearly make out the visibility factor of an application and present its ideal position and growth factor.

2. Conversion Rate

The next important metric is the conversion rate.
How many times your application has been installed after users discover it in the first place on the app store?
It is a relevant factor to consider and see how well your ASO campaign works for the betterment of your enterprise’s ROI.
Keep in mind the two conversion rate KPI’s.

• Click-Through Rate (CTR): It showcases the total % of users who find your application through organic search results; view the page and the product.

• Conversion Rate to Install (CR): It describes the total % of users who have actually downloaded your application.
The above are crucial conversion rate metrics on which rely the total number of installations. You need to work on the above factors to first improve your ranking and let maximum conversion happens at a later stage.

3. Mobile Growth

To measure the success of your mobile is to witness the number and velocity of app installations.
It could be organic and non-organic downloads. Thus, you need to analyze both app marketing strategies separately to know the desired results.

• Organic: Analyze the total number of installations that happened organically after looking at your developer console on the store. It helps you know whether the keywords, Meta tags, and other related content were up to the mark in proportion to the numbers of downloads you have measured.

• Non-Organic: It is related to the paid marketing campaign. Look at the major factors that allow the users to download the app.

4. Positive User Feedback

Another important ASO metric to refer to is user ratings and reviews.

Positive ratings from the user’s side play a key role in knowing the app algorithm in terms of top-ranking, charts, and feature list.

On the other side, it showcases a positive user sentiment towards your application and the great impact it has exerted on them.

Similarly, negative reviews and feedback showcase decreased rate of conversion and a low average score of the application.

Fortunately, a leading ASO company has the tools to track and monitor user feedback and act accordingly.

5. Enhanced Monetization

The last and the most important metric to consider is the monetization model of your application.

It helps to measure the revenue generated from the app’s subscription model based on two key metrics as follows:

• ARPU: Average Revenue Per User is the total revenue divided by the total number of users.
• LTV: Lifetime Value is the net profit for a particular user.

Final Note

Not one but all the above-mentioned metrics are important to measure the overall success of a strategic app store optimization technique. You can leverage the KPIs to understand the relevance and irregularities with the app to make a futuristic decision. It is also recommended to take the professional assistance of a pioneer ASO company to know more about app growth opportunities.

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