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car rental service in dubai
By JOE MAILLET 803 views

Guide to getting Audi A3 Car Rental Service in Dubai

Audi A3 is a compact family car and it is occasionally related to the businessmen with its executive looks. First introduced in 1996 it had a resemblance to a Volkswagen. Now this car has become people’s favourite with the options of Audi A3 sedan and Audi A3 Saloon and their upgraded performances and technology. Audi A3 saloon 2020 has a more sharp exterior and wider interiors providing you with more comfort. The car is a combination of innovative technology and a power-packed drive. Audi A3 Sedan 2020 also provides the maximum level of comfort and class and is a direct portrayal of innovation and technology, Car Rental Service in Dubai.

When it comes to Dubai, cars are considered a symbol of status and Audi is the first choice of many.  Almost every car rental company in Dubai has different models of Audi in their fleets. The luxury and technology makes it the best choice for families who are on vacation, and for people who are on their business trips. People who love to drive Audi prefer to book it whenever they are visiting and with the ease of online booking it has become quite easy to do so. Many car rental companies have their websites and apps and you can directly book your required car online and get it delivered to the airport. If you want to specifically book Audi A3, here’s how you can find the best car rental company in Dubai.

Audi A3

1. Ask Your Peers

If you are a businessman you might have a circle who visit Dubai regularly and rent cars on their trips. Asking their help for recommendations for a good car rental company for Audi A3 rental is the smart way to go. Even someone who acquired the car for a vacation can recommend a good company for the car rental.

2. Check Companies Who Have Audi A3 Online

If you don’t have friends who have visited Dubai, you can check the internet for the car rental companies who have Audi A3. Checking multiple options on car rentals can help you narrow down a good company with the best quotes and benefits. Audi A3 is one of the most loved cars so most of the car rental companies in Dubai might have it. You should go with the one that can offer you a discount or lesser price but beware of the scams.

3. Check the Reviews From Social Media Handles

Choosing Car Rental Service in Dubai company from just a website can be a bit difficult. To understand if the car rental company is good or not you need to check their social media handles too. Social Media reviews can not only help you choose the right company but also can help you know if the company’s Audi A3 is in good condition or not.


4. Negotiate with the Car Rental Company

Once you have shortlisted the companies, you should negotiate with them. It is a bit hassle and time-consuming too but this hassle will get you the best Audi A3 and a stress-free drive throughout your trip. Some of the things you should know about the car rental company are if the discounts they are offering have benefits or not. For example, you go for a company with less amount or which is offering a discount and at the time of payment you realize that the insurance price was not included. Be sure that you have cleared the company of insurance, deposits, deposit refunds, toll taxes and early return of your Audi A3.

5. Documentation and Choose Your Schedule

If you are not from Dubai you need to know about the documentation needed for renting a vehicle in Dubai. For renting Audi A3 you need to submit a copy of your visa and passport. Also, you need to have an international driver’s licence. As per Dubai’s government, some countries’ driving license is acceptable and others need to have an international driving permit. For renting an Audi A3 you need to be 21 years old.

Choosing the schedule for Car Rental Service in Dubai is also important. Some renting companies give the option of customizing schedules too. You can compare the prices and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Car Rental Service

6. Enjoy Your Audi A3

A good car rental company will deliver the car wherever you are so even if you require your Audi A3 urgently you can book the car from the airport and your car will be delivered within 60 minutes. Note that getting a car at the airport can cost you more with the added airport fee. If you are renting a car for the first time and are not aware of the roads you can also go for the chauffeur services or ask the car rental company to provide you with GPS services.

Audi A3 is one of the best cars to rent in Dubai. It provides you comfort and ease and the best thing is it is affordable. You just need to choose the company carefully.

Joe Maillet

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