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Mayur Rele a cloud security expert who has experience in overseeing global technology in e-commerce, healthcare, and technology companies take us through an Augmented Intelligence solution launched by iAdvize to improve e-commerce brand conversation

How does Augmented intelligence improve e-commerce brand conversation?

Recognition of potential customers

With the development of Augmented intelligence by iAdvize, many brands and online retailers will be able to separate people that only check their products online and those that want to purchase them. This will help them to know how to respond to individual customers and also offer them the best customer experience while minimizing individual conversation.

Access to brand expert

After identifying potential customers through prediction and conversation analyzes, the iAdvize conversation platform will provide an option of live chat to the customers, a place where they have the opportunity to chat with the brand expert and learn about the product. This live chat also helps to answer all their questions and eliminate any doubt about the product.

The use of human and artificial intelligence

Augmented intelligence captures all customer’s data and also analyze their online conversation. This is achieved through the collaboration of human intelligence and the use of learning machines, artificial intelligence, and other tools to automatically and continuously analyze many online conversations and draw out predictions and intentions of the conversations. Also, human expertise is added to improve understanding by training the intuition and judgment of the Augmented intelligence by iAdvize expert.

To improve customer’s conversation experience

Augmented intelligence is used in the iAdvize platform to improve customer’s experience at every stage of the shopping. This is achieved through the use of Augmented intelligence bots which is able to fully understand customer’s intentions and gives immediate answers to customer’s questions 24/7. The new solution also analyzes customer conversation history where it predicts customer’s intentions. Also, the conversation platform sends a customer’s requests to the best expert according to the customer’s conversation and availability.
Brand effectiveness.

 The iAdvize Augumenrd intelligence helps brands to know the intentions of their customers which makes them handle customers differently and also operate effectively.
Also, iAdvize Augmented intelligence does not replace human but rather transform how online retailers and brands deal with their customers and also increase shoppers engagement through the use of machine cognition to know behavioral data and predict customers intention.

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