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Videos are most practiced and liked the way of marketing because it catches the audience’s attention at a glance. Videos influence every mind through the eye-catching color scheme and enchanting visual effects. But quality content and efficient delivery are the most demanded factors in video marketing. This is not everyone’s cup of tea because it demands useful tips, influencing techniques, and wise planning with a calculated period. And, this all requires an expert with efficient tools to measure the progress rate. Experts use B2B SaaS metrics in video marketing, including MRR, churn, LTV, and CAC. Also, they measure the success of video marketing on different social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, to calculate their success rate or click rate on their content. Moreover, they analyze content to know the effectiveness of the video. Let’s have a look at the details.

Here are Top 6 Successful B2B SaaS strategies:

1) Measure through play rate

This is considered the most reliable indicator to know the credibility of your video. For instance, if your video is appealing and your content is engaging, viewers must click on that. They will feel a compulsion to click the video due to thumbnail curiosity. It totally depends on your content, keyword choice, and vocabulary selection to push viewers to click on the video.

This click phenomenon is all about the effective presentation to compel your audience to play the button. Alternatively, if your content is not reliable on clickable, your play rate will automatically decrease due to massive ignorance from viewers. They will see your content but not click, and you fail to get a considerable play rate. Significant play rate lies between 41-60%; you must compare yours to get a better idea.


2) Measure watch time

When you measure your watch time of the video, you can get a better idea about your video’s quality and engagement. If your video is attractive and your content is captivating, your viewer will spend more time watching the complete video. Alternatively, if your watch time is less than your competitors, this is an alarming indicator for you. That means your content, presentation, strategies, or delivery style needs to be upgraded. You can uncover your video problems by measuring watch time. For instance, you can highlight your video flaws and presentation issues to analyze your B2B SaaS video marketing campaign and sort out the issues with this data’s help.


3) Measure the engagement ratio

This is imperative to measure to understand the quality of the video. Like, if your video is appealing or captivating, it will create huge engagement throughout the watch time. It expresses the percentage graph to showcase your ability through the ratio of engagement. The higher engagement means the more captivating content and presenting style of the video. For that, your video must be relevant, concise, short, and moderate.

Alternatively, if your viewer stops or leaves the video in the middle, this indicates your inability of the content, presenting style, or other relevant factors of the video. The core B2B SaaS concern is to keep your audience connected throughout the video to reach higher ranks in the search result bar. If the majority drop off the video in the middle, it will decline your ranking and rust your brand image in the market. If you are not an expert, do not worry Motion Graphics Services provider can create eye-catching content to increase your conversion rate.


4) Measure social media engagement

Social media engagements indicate your popularity and your brands’ online visibility on different platforms. The ratio of clicks, likes, comments and the number of shares tells you about your video quality and its engagement level. The higher number of likes and shares you receive means the quality data you are delivering. That is why it is essential to understand your audience’s choices, demands, and requirements to deliver excellence.  Like, if you know their requirement, you can produce and provide accordingly. So automatically, your likes, shares, and comments will boost quickly. Alternatively, if you do not receive the desired number of likes and shares than your competitors, modify your stance, message, and qualitative data to enchant their attention. Moreover, you can add emotions and feelings to connect them naturally.

The frequency of shares is crucial to highlight the content’s importance in your marketing campaign. This social share is a credible source to showcase your ability in the marketing campaign. So your content must have a little bit of sensible humor with proven facts to entertain a diversified audience worldwide. Moreover, you can measure engagement through relevance; if your content is relevant locally, it will boost your online presence.

People react on social media through comments to show their stance in the video. People send different kinds of comments, emoticons to show their real reaction to the video. You can analyze your videos’ popularity through comments’ type. Either you are receiving more positive comments than negative or vice versa. Comments type will confirm your content’s worth and reputation and help you set a future target accordingly.


5) Measure conversion rate

You need heavy traffic via Google Analytics to measure your conversion rate. Conversion rate means a lot to measure your success rate of the video. If your audience is clicking the video, watching the complete video, and place an order at your e-store or subscribe to your channel, it means you have converted them. It is considered an additional lifting element to ultimately improvise your brand’s worth in the market and revenue. Traffic all depend on your quality and type of industry to measure the size. If your traffic is sizeable or 12%, it is a pretty good lead generation landing page.


6) Measure click-through rate(CTR)

This is the most popular indicator to measure the drive of your audience. That, how much you are successful in catching their attention through clickable content. This has included a call to action (CTA) to encourage the viewer to sign up for a company newsletter, buy a product or subscribe to your channel. It encouraged a decent amount of impression to increase your leads, traffic, sales, and revenue through efficient marketing. The average range is between 2% and 10%.


These all videos metrics are most practical for B2B SaaS owners and liked the way of marketing because it catches the attention of the audience at a glance. So, you can create a video to enchant the attention of a huge audience. You can go with Social media engagements because it indicates your popularity and your brand’s online visibility on different platforms. The ratio of clicks, likes, comments and the number of shares tells you about your video quality and its engagement level. The higher number of likes and shares you receive means the quality data you are delivering. You can also analyze it through conversion rate, watch time, and click-through rate.

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