Bachelorette parties are thrown to celebrate the last couple of single days for soon to be a bride. To have a successful bachelorette party make sure to take into account all the things a future bride likes doing, not you and other people who will attend the party.

Planning a perfect bachelorette party could be stressful since you and your friends are doing all you can to make sure everyone’s having the time of their lives, especially a soon to be bride. To make things easier for you, we prepared a shortlist of all the ideas you could use for this special event. Good luck and have fun!

A Party Bus

When you’re organizing a party you expect everybody to drink and have fun. Some of the guests may come by car meaning they won’t be able to drink which is a bummer. To avoid that, the best idea is to hire a driver. This can be done by renting a party bus with a driver included. Depending on the number of people that will attend the party you can choose a bus with a specific number of passenger seats. The seating is set up for fun and not to sit back quietly, you gotta admit that’d be boring. 


After a few drinks, almost everyone starts singing, especially at events like bachelorette parties. To do so you’ll need the right equipment. You probably already have a TV but to make it secure enough (after all, there will be a bunch of people at the house) you’ll probably have to get a proper TV mount. If your party happens to be in Melbourne and you have no idea what kind of a TV mount you need and how to fix it, you don’t need to worry. With a little help of professional technicians, you can easily fix your screen to any position to suit the best your viewing point.

If karaoke isn’t enough for this party, you could use this practical TV mount to create your cinema and watch movies with your girlfriends while you’re eating your favorite dishes and drinking wine. Perfect yet simple kind of a bachelorette party.

Road Trip 

Probably the best way to have fun for a bachelorette party is by organizing an inexpensive weekend getaway. You can choose a destination you think a future bride would love the most, or you can ask her directly. If the bride and the rest of the group are music lovers, your trip could include a festival event. Many concerts and festivals are happening during the whole year, your obligation is just to choose from all the possibilities. And who knows, maybe this could be your annual tradition in the future. 

Book a Class 

There are various potential classes you could take that will ensure you and your friends fun. If you’re into sports and being active, you could organize a group class, eg. a cycling class or a popular Zumba class.

If you’re more into eating rather than sweating at the gym, consider taking a cooking class. This way your bachelorette will not only be fun but it will also be educational and practical. A cooking class is a good investment since you get to eat whatever you make, and this will save you some money which you’d spend on a fancy dinner. 

Another way of bonding with your girlfriends is by organizing a cocktail class.  To make it more fun, you and your gang could make your signature cocktail with all the ingredients you prefer.


One of the most exciting parts of getting married is a bachelorette party. But, organizing it can put a lot of pressure on you and your friends who are planning it. Make sure you plan a party that reflects a soon to be bride’s interests and that the entire bride tribe will have the time of their lives. These kinds of parties can be so much more than just a night out and getting yourselves knocked out from the booze. Whatever is that you plan to do, make sure you consider the budget too. See what other people think and if they’re comfortable spending a specific amount of money. 

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