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Bamboo Chinese Restaurant
By BHUVAN KAMBOJ 3,239 views

Treat Your Chinese Cravings at Bamboo Chinese Restaurant

Chinese food is loved by many people. People love to hop on Chinese food as most of the dishes are tossed in rich colors, punched with hot-bitter-spicy sauces! This cuisine is well-loved for its taste with absolutely perfect aroma! Good food with an iconic view can make a great combination!

The beautiful Sharjah is well known for its three magnificent coastal enclaves. The scenic views of enclaves stretched from the eastern. Or the Gulf of Oman, side of the peninsular from North to South. If you are near Sharjah and craving some lip-smacking Chinese Cuisine. You must try mouth-watering chicken dishes tossed with spices to make them taste like heaven. Try the goodness of Chinese food in the most loved location- Sharjah! Try Bamboo Chinese Restaurant or place an order now.



Chinese cuisines come under one of the finest, loved, and in-demand cuisines all around the world. They are best known for qualities like warm taste, hearty, mouth-watering spices, and taste-tummy satisfying food. The exotic aroma and taste of Chinese cuisine always attract foodies towards it from anywhere. Chinese cuisine consists of a variety of flavors ranging from bitter-sweet, spicy to sweet and saucy food. Chinese cuisine has a large number of healthy vegetables present in them, a large variety of dishes are there in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories.


A wide range of Chinese cuisine is found as the specialty of Sharjah. Restaurants like Bamboo Chinese Restaurants have been serving the best Chinese cuisine at the most affordable prices. The palatable dishes attract the foodie craving for some Hot Chicken Dishes like Crispy Chicken, Lollipops, Chili Chicken, etc. The restaurant is followed up by many other restaurants and cafes in Sharjah but the taste of food here is most delicious and loved by the people craving for Chinese Cuisine.


If you are looking to enjoy the scenic view of Sharjah and indulge in the finest Chinese cuisine, try Bamboo Chinese Restaurant.

It’s the most-liked and reviewed restaurant amongst all the other Chinese restaurants in Sharjah Abu Shagara following up on the list Kamat Restaurant. Amongst all options, these Restaurants are the most popular and often visited ones. They satisfy the taste carvings for Chinese dishes in a very pocket-friendly range as well. 

Abu Shagara is the hub for many cafes and restaurants in Dubai, UAE. The attraction site for the foodies is the Chinese Restaurants holding their space and name for their best Chinese dishes.

The ambiance of these restaurants allows foodies to have good dine-in, facilities like take away and home delivery while taking necessary precautions are also ensured. 


The core team members of Bamboo Chinese Sharjah ensure the best quality of Chinese food to satisfy the taste of customers. It is easily located on the streets of the United Arab Emirates. Bamboo Chinese Restaurant Sharjah considers health and ensures to provide high-quality food made with the best-quality ingredients. We have a great ambiance to dine in. As per our customer’s convenience Bamboo provides both the facilities of dine-in as well as take away. Bamboo Chinese Sharjah will treat your Chinese cravings and will satisfy your Chinese taste at its best.


Bamboo Chinese Restaurant has a wide range of dishes on the menu including, Bamboo Dynamite Chicken, Bamboo Dynamite prawns, Spring roll Vegetables/ Chicken, Fried Wontons Vegetable/Chicken, Lollipops Vegetables/ Chicken, Shanghai BBQ Tofu/Chicken/ Prawns, Deep Fried Mushroom, Satay Chicken Sticks, Golden Fried Chicken Dumplings Crispy Fragrant Chicken, and Prawn Crackers. They have a wide range of mouth-watering dishes to serve.

The rating on the menu is quite satisfying and upholds the quantity and quality of the food. After all, food is what every foodie wants keeps all the factors besides people who have cravings for Chinese cuisine should once in a lifetime try Bamboo Chinese Restaurant for sure. 


Bamboo Chinese restaurant has managed to cater a decent rating of 3.5 stars on TripAdvisor. The restaurant is searched by its location and price range which in Indian Rupees ranged between Rs375- Rs745. The restaurant delivers a good quality of food and is very pocket-friendly as well. Travelers are advised to visit the Bamboo Chinese Restaurant one for sure. 

The reviews and comments from the travelers satisfy the need of a foodie to check the dishes of Bamboo Chinese Restaurant for sure.


Feel delighted to treat your Chinese craving at the best Chinese restaurant, Bamboo Chinese Restaurant Sharjah, which has its specialty in Chinese meals only. They have a wide range of choices in both the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. The Chinese Cravings can be satisfied with the purest Chinese meal. You should never miss a chance to treat your cravings with our best quality dishes satisfying your cravings at the best. 

Bhuvan Kamboj

If you are looking to enjoy the scenic view of Sharjah and indulge in the finest Chinese cuisine, try Bamboo Chinese Restaurant.