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Basic Tweaks of Skin Care
Basic Tweaks of Skin Care
By MANISHA GULERIA 3,465 views

Basic Tweaks of Skin Care

Skin Care is a complex task – if you are not aware regarding what type of skin you have. All the seasons are not same, similarly, the skin of each individual is not same. Each type of skin requires care but according to the type of skin.

Hereupon to care skin, primarily you have to identify your skin type: Dry, Oily, normal, sensitive or a combination skin of all.

The Question arises here:

How to know your skin type?

To find out the answer of this question is really very simple-

  1. Wash your face.
  2. Wait for an hour ( Do not apply anything after wash)
  3. Analyze the changes you found

After these three simple steps, you can easily identify your skin type. Knowing your skin type (Dry, oily, normal etc.), you can proceed further for basic tweaks of skin care:

1.Use products that suits skin type:

Most important action for skin care is to use products that suits the type of skin. If you are using products which are not appropriate for your skin type that will only harm your skin. No matter how good the quality of the product is if it does not match with your skin type.

2. Use sunscreen before sun exposure:

Harmful UV rays of sun damage skin in just 15 minutes. Make sure to apply sunscreen before going out even when it’s cloudy outside.

3. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing:

Golden rule for perfect skin- Cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Cleansing- Wash hands and after that apply cleanser on wet face. Massage it on the face and wash with normal water.

Toning- After cleansing, apply toner with cotton on the face to maintain the PH level.

Moisturizing- Moisture is must for all type of skin. Apply moisture, when toner dried and massage it in the circular motion.

Cleansing, Toning And Moisturizing

4. Do not touch the face and squeeze pimples:

Many people have the habit of touching the face and squeezing pimples. If you have the habit of doing the same- quit right now, because when you touch your face without washing hand you transfer dirt and Bactria into the skin which causes pimples and other diseases. Squeezing pimples leaves your skin with scars which look even uglier.

5. No Make-up sharing:

Avoid sharing your make-up – that is not sensible for skin hygiene.

6. Use natural Masks:

Use the natural mask once in a week. Use as per instructions or apply for 10-15 minutes after that wash with normal water.

7. Healthy diet:

Include vegetables, fruits etc. in the diet which are the good source of vitamins and proteins additionally benefit the skin.

8. Don’t stay dehydrated:

Proper intake of water take away toxins from the body and loaded skin with the glow.

Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated

9. Beauty sleep:

Not getting enough sleep leaves you with dull skin and dark circles under the eyes. While you are sleeping your body repair itself and provide you healthy glowing skin. Thus have the proper quality sleep of minimum 8 hours for beauty and keep yourself away from stress.

10. Remove makeup before going to bed:

Never ever wear make-up while you are sleeping. Remove that and apply moisture before bed for healthier skin.

Adopt these simple skin care tweaks and commit yourself to healthy habits like walking, jogging, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation which is profitable for the skin as well as for overall health.