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By AMY PARSONS 3,186 views

6 Beauty Lessons to Learn from Italians

Beauty trends come and go. It seems like every few weeks, a hot new item or makeup style sweeps through social media. Glass skin, matte lipsticks, glittery eyeshadows—beauty enthusiasts rush to buy products made for these latest sensations. Each gets its time in the limelight until the trend eventually dies, only to end up unused on your nightstand.

It can become overwhelming to keep up with this whirlwind of makeup and skincare trends. But one of the lessons to learn from Italian beauty is not getting caught up in whatever is currently in vogue.

In Italy, there is a more holistic approach to beauty. It’s not just which products you dab onto your face and skin. Instead of things that will make them look good, Italians go for what makes them feel good. Italians choose balance in everything, from morning routines to the dinner table. It is the sense of balance that makes them impeccably beautiful, even without a 10-step skincare regimen.

Here are some more lessons to learn from Italians so you can enhance your natural beauty.

1. Emphasize Timelessness.

As mentioned, Italian skincare does not follow trends. Instead, it focuses on products proven and tested to work. Anything that is a quick fix or has harsh ingredients should not be introduced to the skin.

Choose products that have skin-kind ingredients like olive oil, lemon, jasmine, or pomegranate. These ingredients have healthy fats, antioxidants, and Vitamins C and E. These nourish the skin and promote long-term health.

Low-maintenance routines that incorporate only a few classic products are more likely to do good to your skin. Think moisturizer, sunscreen, lipstick, and a signature perfume before walking out the door. It saves you time, as well as money.

2. Let the Sun Kiss your Skin.

While other cultures tend to avoid the sun, Italians embrace it. They get their beautiful, sun-kissed glow by spending mornings under healthy sunlight.

However, there’s a reason why other people avoid staying under the sun, so slathering on high protection sunscreen is a must. You can enjoy the sun’s warmth on your skin while still protecting it from the harsh rays that can cause skin damage or something worse entirely.

3. Focus on Hydrating your Skin.

While Italian beauty routines tend to incorporate fewer products, they still spend a lot of time pampering their skin. Much of their daily self-care habit is dedicated to moisturizing with body butter from head to toe. Smooth skin is valued as a virtue. The hydrating products they use tend to be heavier and creamier than others. These are packed with high-quality ingredients containing lots of good oils and fats.


4. Take the Stress Away.

The number one priority for Italian skincare is relaxation. Eliminating stress does a lot to make anyone truly feels good and, thus, look good.

After every stressful workday and an hour or so spent soaking in a bath, a glass of wine is an Italian’s favorite way to banish stress. Whether it’s spending more time with your friends and loved ones around the lunch table or booking massage appointments on weekends, your skin will surely benefit from it.

5. Less is Truly More.

When it comes to makeup, Italians follow the same principles as skincare. There is no need to drown your face in foundation, bronzer, and the likes. Use makeup strategically. It’s best to use a few essential products—a pop of color on your lips, maybe—to let your natural beauty shine through.

The key here is restraint. Letting your skin breathe is essential. Glowing, blemish-free skin is the best makeup, after all.


6. Your Next Favorite Beauty Product may be in your Kitchen.

Olive oil is well-recognized as the center of the Italian lifestyle. As much as it’s favored in the Mediterranean diet for health-conscious individuals, it is also a secret beauty weapon. The oil’s hydrating and anti-aging properties have made it a favorite for the beauty-conscious crowd, not to mention its high Vitamin E and squalene content. You can slather it head to toe to make your hair shiny and moisturize your skin.

Another kitchen staple you will be glad to use in caring for your skin can be found in your coffee maker. Coffee grinds mixed with coconut oil make a great exfoliator, removing dead skin cells effectively. The coffee works to tighten your skin, while the coconut oil ensures you don’t lose any moisture.

Integrate more Balance into your Life–

Italians innately understand the need for balance. It permeates every aspect of their lives, from choosing to eat healthy foods to putting on makeup and caring for their skin. There is a lot to learn from their holistic approach to beauty that you can apply to your routines. The next time you feel overwhelmed by the ever-changing beauty trends of today take inspiration from the Italian culture.

Amy Parsons

Amy Parsons is the CEO of Mozzafiato, the largest collection of iconic Italian beauty brands in the US.Amy is living her passion for all things beauty and Italy with Mozzafiato.