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Well, WordPress is the most preferred and simplest way to develop a website and to write a blog. Today, more than 35% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, it clearly shows how popular it is. As it doesn’t require much technical knowledge so it’s easy to use, that’s why beginners would start their journey with WordPress. 

WordPress is a powerful content management system tool to create a website as you wish. Advanced features and functionality let you develop a website and blog with ease. It has myriads of WooCommerce compatible WordPress themes and plugins that let you build a wonderful website and get a great online presence which is highly required these days.

From installing WordPress to publishing the website, everything is seamless and WordPress gives all the service to perform it. For the designing part, you have a modern and advanced eCommerce WordPress theme that gives your website an appealing look. Whereas, various plugins help you to extend the functionality of the website and make it more useful and stronger. 

With these many benefits, why should beginners not use it, so let’s see what makes them more obsessed with WordPress? 

01. Solution For All

WordPress is the one-stop solution for many types of websites such as business, eCommerce, blogs, portfolios, and more. By learning this only one platform you can create anything you want, that’s why people are moving towards it. 

WordPress has all types of features and functionality that fulfill every demand of your business, whether it’s a website for a corporate company or a small scale brand. And it’s needed as well because if you have created a website from the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes then writing a blog to make people aware of the products you sell. So, this both can be possible with WordPress. 

02. Open-Source Platform

The predominant reason behind the popularity of WordPress among the beginners, because while kick-starting anything new people generally lack the budget. And they find anything free of cost. Definitely people would buy it.

You never need to pay anything while using WordPress, eCommerce WordPress themes and plugins are available at free of cost. By being an open-source platform it gives you complete control over the software, which means you can tweak the code as per the need.

Even though it’s free of cost, it still gives frequent updates and keeps your website up to the mark. Hence, that’s why people are choosing some of the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes for creating a website. 

03. Myriads of Themes and Plugins

Undeniably, appearance matters a lot and specifically in the online world when you’re not having a face-to-face conversation. In this case, if you have an alluring design on your website then surely it attracts the people. 

Even whenever beginners start developing a website, the design is always a point of concern but with the help of some of the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes you can get a modern, elegant, simple design for your website. Whatever types of WordPress theme you choose, everyone gives the appealing look for sure. 

Actually, plugins are nothing but the set of code and integrating it with the website enhances the functionality overall. Similar to the eCommerce WordPress theme, it’s also available for different purposes. Let’s say plugins for security, SEO, contact form, and many more. Even this all is free of cost as well. Hence, with plenty of choice of theme and plugins in WordPress, beginners are more interested to use it. 

04. Frequent Updates

This is what everyone wants, who don’t want to keep their updates with the latest features, security standards, and many more aspects. And this all can be possible with WordPress.

In fact, for beginners, it’s challenging to update the website but if they have used the eCommerce WordPress theme then it’s easily possible. Even WordPress is quite famous for the quick updates in the themes and plugins, they are frequently releasing with some additional new things. So, whatever trends for eCommerce in the market are going on you will get the theme and plugins with it. Therefore, this would help the beginners to develop an amazing website with the latest features and functionality. 


It’s always a better option to opt for WordPress rather than starting from scratch. Specifically, for beginners, this would be the best platform to start developing a website. Above-discussed points to depict why beginners are highly obsessed with the WordPress platform rather than any other.

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