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ben shapiro wife
By LARREN SMITH 2,205 views

The Love Story of Ben Shapiro and his wife, Mor

Those in the political scene have one way or another come across political commentator, Ben Shapiro. He is well-known for his stance in politics and political comments. He is also an editor, author, columnist, and content creator. Being a columnist gives him the chance to air his views on various media and publications. Despite being famous for his sometimes controversial political views, few know about his marriage. Yes, his marriage isn’t a secret, but Ben has kept his family private. So who is Ben Shapiro wife?

Ben Shapiro Wife

Ben Shapiro wife is Mor Shapiro, née Toledano. She lives in America with her husband and children but has Jewish and Morro ancestry.

Apart from raising their children with her husband, More is also a medical doctor who is very dedicated to her craft. Even her patients commended her as a wonderful healthcare practitioner. Nevertheless, her busy job doesn’t stop her from spending time with her family.


Mor Shapiro studied for her medical degree at UCLA, United States, and had her residency in the same country. She is licensed to practice medicine in the U.S. Her husband, Ben, has always been proud of her achievements and even said so in an interview. Ben stated that he was proud of More for her accomplishment despite the long hours of studying, numerous tough examinations, and medical training. He acknowledged that it was not easy, but More persisted and made it through.

Area of Specialization

Her area of specialization is family medicine. Furthermore, Mor established a healthcare symposium that takes place once a year. Medical practitioners attend the event to debate on various issues, especially ethical issues related to medicine. This symposium takes place at More’s alma mater, where she got her first degree.

Who is Ben Shapiro?

Ben has written numerous columns for several media like Newsweek, Creators Syndicate, and so on. Similarly, Ben has published many books for the past few years. His literary skill is not limited to writing only. Ben is also an editor for more than two reputable media houses. One of them is a media house where he is the co-founder. In addition to this, he hosts most of his podcasts and other shows.

Mor and Her Husband, Ben Shapiro

When they First Met

Ben Shapiro wife, Mor, described their first meeting in 2007 as a love-at-first-sight scenario. Ben just graduated and Mor was still an undergraduate when they met. Although they were both young, they knew they’d found the right partner, someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Despite their innocence, they were determined to make their marriage work and love each other through thick and thin.

Marriage Solemnization

A year after they met, Ben and Mor tied the knot in a private wedding. In fact, the media didn’t get wind of it until Ben posted it himself. In the wedding post, he alluded to their young age. But he hoped he and his wife would have a happy and healthy life with their future children. He further revealed that he would protect his family with armed security to keep them safe. Ben Shapiro wife also commented on his post at that time.

Where did the Wedding take Place?

Since Mor is from Israel, even though she has Moroccan roots, they held the wedding in Israel. Their marriage is more than a decade old and blessed with children, boys, and girls. And from Ben’s posts on social media, it is apparent he is enjoying his marriage to his partner, Mor. In fact, his marriage hasn’t hindered his career at all. Now, he often debates and makes more political-themed commentaries.

Ben’s Love for his Wife

People close to Ben know that his love for his wife isn’t a media stunt. Ben takes every chance to praise his wife, Mor. He always gushes about her being the most amazing woman, wife, and mother during his talk shows.

What Makes their Marriage Work?

Ben, Mor’s husband, revealed in an interview that their marriage works based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. Another reason is their willingness to make sacrifices. An example is when Mor willingly agrees to move to another state because Ben got an offer in that state. Likewise, Ben didn’t hesitate to move when Mor got admission to another university in another state.

Ben further reiterated the importance of couples making efforts to make their relationship work. According to him, it is unfair for one party to always receive, while the other always gives in a relationship.

Mor’s Social Media Participation

Mor is low-key with whatever she does. She has a social media account but doesn’t post her family there, and the same goes for Ben. Ben doesn’t upload pictures of his wife and kids, except for their dog.

Mor’s Net worth

It is unclear how much Mor is worth, as neither she nor Ben has disclosed this.


In summary, Mor and Ben’s love story is the type you mostly see in films. It is clear that Ben Shapiro wife is loved unconditionally, and vice versa. Despite marrying at an age society deemed to be too young, they are still committed to each other. They understood what it means to get married and how to respect your vows. This has helped them to stay married for nearly 20 years. Their love shows that age is just a number.

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