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6 Ways a Virtual Medical Assistant Can Support Your Practice

A virtual assistant is a resource who can assist you in completing tasks from a remote location. These virtual assistants are not in-office employees but virtually retrieve all the required data to be used to accomplish the delegated tasks.

A qualified virtual assistant has the desired knowledge and skill sets to work for different clients and projects simultaneously and impart professional knowledge to get the tasks done within stipulated timelines. They accomplish all the delegated given by the client in a pocket-friendly manner. A virtual assistant hired from a trusted virtual assistant company can benefit the business greatly as they complete all the desired tasks within the stipulated deadline. Not just businesses, Virtual medical assistants have also become a must-try trend in recent times.

The association and compatibility of healthcare and technology have changed the healthcare industry for good. For the sector to grow by leaps and bounds there needs to be a perfect integration of technology to create a niche of its own. Virtual medical assistants prove to be highly beneficial for a doctor’s practice. Virtual assistance allows you to work holistically towards organizational objectives and create immense opportunities to expand the scope of your work while you simplify complex tasks.

The healthcare sector is now relying on virtual medical assistance, and it has become a key part of the clinical infrastructure. The virtual healthcare world is growing at an incredible pace. Typically, these virtual medical assistants are functioning as receptionists who work for you offsite as virtual receptionist staff.

A virtual medical assistant can support a doctor’s general practice. The healthcare sector can indeed primarily benefit from the services of these virtual medical assistants. These Virtual assistants can be hired by physicians, surgeons, dentists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, psychologists, or veterinarians. They simplify work at hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, health care centers, and nursing homes.

Virtual Medical Assistant Tasks to Assist in the Practice

A virtual medical assistant for doctors can take care of almost every task not involving medical expertise. Some of the basic tasks that a doctor can delegate to these medical assistants are as follows:

  1. Administrative Tasks

A virtual medical assistant can help you with almost every administrative task at your clinic, hospital, or office. It will save a lot of effort and time that can be usefully invested in your patients. Some everyday tasks that can be delegated to a virtual medical assistant include:

  • Paperwork regarding the admission of new patients and future referrals.
  • Scheduling appointments every day, listing new appointments, and maintaining a record of daily cancelations.
  • Listing down the schedule of appointments daily and making a note of all events and meetings.
  • Proper management of the database and filing of records.
  • Taking care of the medicinal supplies needed daily at practice.
  • Patient coding, registration, and billing.
  • Prescription printing and filing for the patient.
  • Email management of personal and professional emails. 
  1. Medical Transcription

A virtual medical assistant who has a rich experience in data management and filling of electronic medical records is of great help to medical scribes and transcriptions. They can use the encrypted conferencing software, chart down the patient’s reports and examination details needed to complete the forms, transcribe the data in the form of a chart prepared while admitting the patient, and help with the entire admission process. Machines have now been replacing humans for a very long time. Virtual assistants powered by Machine learning can be programmed in a way that can create transcriptions of the entire conversation between the doctor and the patient. These programs do not need any dictation or words to prompt them. Instead, they can correctly deliver fully transcribed notes to be integrated into the electronic records of the patients.

  1. Virtual Receptionist

A virtual medical assistant acts as a receptionist and can efficiently answer phone calls. The VA can take note of the issues, note down all the messages, transfer urgent calls immediately, and schedule the remaining calls for follow-up at the end of the day. It allows you to respond to phone calls timely. A medical VA helps in developing a trusted relationship with the patients. They have the ability to screen phone calls based on urgency and avoid wasting time on unnecessary calls. Not just this, the patients contacting through email, text, or website also get a quick response. 

  1. Insurance claims

Virtual medical assistants can take care of the coordination needed between patients and insurance companies. Insurance claim settlement can be a tiring job for patients. A VA will reduce the waiting period, creates a more straightforward vetting process, and can pass claims immediately. All the doctors and professionals can rely on such virtual medical assistants to check the insurance coverage documents and carry out all the tasks related to claims settlement. They can help with authorizing transactions and completing the paperwork.

  1. Bookkeeping and Marketing

A virtual medical assistant is qualified enough to take care of all the patient bills, invoices, and payroll management at the clinic. They can assist healthcare professionals in yearly tax planning and financial reporting. Virtual medical assistants also let you enjoy great exposure to digital marketing and social media. They prove to be a great asset to help you with digital content creation and marketing. They efficiently handle social media profiles.

A Virtual medical assistant provides complete support to you and your patients while you interact in online appointments. They can handle all the medical software and guide your staff to use it efficiently.

Benefits of a Virtual Medical Assistant for Doctors

Spending a lot of time on administrative and marketing tasks is a waste of skill and time for a healthcare professional. They can easily delegate tasks that do not require any medical expertise. Hiring a virtual medical assistant from a trusted virtual assistant company has numerous benefits:

  1. Give Full-Time to Patients

Seeking appointments and associated paperwork takes a lot of time. Once these tasks are sorted, the healthcare professional will have ample time to see their patients. They can invest extra time in the proper examination and see more patients each day. 

  1. Provide Quality Service

Since doctors will now have more time to spend with their patients, they can enhance the quality of service. Healthcare professionals can now focus on their expertise and delegate tasks to a virtual assistant. 

  1. Take Care of Their Health

A doctor’s job and daily life are stressful. It can take a toll on health. Hiring a virtual assistant can relieve them of the workload and can complete the tasks correctly. They can now find some time to rest and spend time with their loved ones. They can also spend some time enhancing their skills and learning new technologies.  

  1. Save Money

Hiring a virtual medical assistant will cut down on major operating expenses. A doctor can save on maintenance costs, office space costs, office equipment costs, and taxes by delegating tasks to a virtual assistant.

  1. No Training is Required

Virtual medical assistants have the desired skill sets to understand all the latest software and developments in the medical field. The virtual assistant company provides them with training before they get hired. You can delegate tasks to them immediately without investing a lot of time in training.

  1. Greater Flexibility

A virtual assistant comes with no geographical boundaries. They can be hired from any part of the world and any time zone. So there are no office timings for them to complete the designated tasks. 


It is a great time to consider hiring a virtual medical assistant. You can find a qualified virtual assistant to match the necessary skill set and needs from a trusted agency or VA company. It will lead to better focus on your practice, and you can deliver better quality services to your patients. 

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