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Healthy Snacks

List of Healthy Snacks You Can Choose for the Catering

Whenever you are planning for any wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, the first thing in mind is to choose the food. Selecting the right catering services for events can be a daunting task. From conference meetings to wedding ceremonies, all occasions need different catering options. Nowadays, most people are more health conscious than ever, and they will be finding menu items that are tasty and healthy.

Here, if your preferred location is in Melbourne, you can hire corporate catering in Melbourne for your corporate events. The caterers give their clients the greatest services possible. Also, they offer varieties of food items that are healthy and tasty.

So, if you are about to host a corporate event, we have mentioned some points below that will help you to select healthy snacks for corporate events. 

Let’s check them out!!

List Of Healthy Snacks For Corporate Events 

Healthy Breakfast Buffet 

A breakfast menu includes a lot of healthy and unique options. It is the best idea to feed your guests with a lot of nutritious food items. Healthy breakfast catering options are; 

  • You can offer a variety of fresh fruits that have high nutritive value.
  • Protein balls are also a good option that is served in the morning. It helps your guest to feel full for a long time.
  • The next option is chia seed pudding which has a lot of nutrients, fiber, and high proteins. Most people love to eat this.
  • Croissants are healthy food items. Most people spread butter or jam which makes it more appetizing. The caterers can serve them with tea or coffee.
  • Adding muffins to the breakfast is also a good option. These can be served with jam or cream.

Moreover, if you want to arrange an event in Melbourne,  you could prefer hiring services of breakfast catering in Melbourne, as the service providers offer different healthy options. 

Add Smoothie Shots 

It is a great idea to add smoothie shots at your events. There are several ingredients used to make smoothies. It has a high nutritional value. For example, these are made with whole milk yogurt, or some use non-yogurt, and are also there are water-based smoothies. It has a low amount of sugar that is good for health.

Moreover, hiring caterers for events is an ideal option. They use fresh ingredients such as berries, oatmeal, flaxseeds, and other tasty items to make drinks. Furthermore, they serve these shots in different flavors like strawberries, beat roots, oranges, and many more. The attendees can pick the one according to their choices. 

Lunch Buffet Options

If you are planning for lunch at your events, the caterers can help you by providing different healthy food options. These include;

  • A healthy wrap and adding some mixed fruits is a great options for lunch.
  • Different varieties of salad like spinach salad, legumes, grains, fruits, and vegetable salad are perfect for midday meals.
  • Offering different fruits and baked vegetables to your guests is a great idea for lunch buffets. 
  • Desserts like doughnuts, muffins, small pastries, etc., are another choice that you can use as snacks. 
  • Sandwiches like avocado and egg, loaded vegetable sandwiches, etc. The caterers use different vegetables to make it more delicious. 

The Popcorn Bar 

Popcorn is also a healthy snack. It has a lot of fiber. Usually, many people love to eat popcorn because it makes them feel full for a long time. The caterers use various flavors and toppings (butter, oil, salts, chocolate, cinnamon, etc.,) to make these snacks. These flavors give a good taste. They use small containers, several popcorn cones, and other materials from which your guests can pick according to their choice. The caterers also add labels or any sticker that help your guest know what type of topping is available. 

Freshen Up With Mixed Juices

There are plenty of options available for juices that have various flavors. These include;

  • Watermelon Juice: It has high water content and is good for health. The caterers can serve it to your guests with a lot of ice. 
  • Kiwi Juice: It is another option that can serve at events. The service providers display glasses of kiwi juice that look appealing to your attendees. 
  • Sugarcane Juice: It contains natural sugar that is beneficial for human health. Sometimes, the caterers add a small number of carrots in it to make it more flavorful.  
  • Mango, Dragon Fruit Juice: Dragon Fruit has many benefits. This mixed fruit juice has several vitamins and minerals. Usually, people love to drink these juices. 

Fruit Skewers 

It is a fun, refreshing treat that can love by many people. The fruits can be served as healthy snacks. On the skewer, the caterers thread the different varieties of fruits. They can mix all fruits and keep them uniform (apples, berries, grapes, watermelons, papaya, etc.).Afterward, they can display them on the tray.

Moreover, the caterers use different equipment such as knives, cutters, etc to make fruit balls. By using this, the fruits look attractive because of the different colors. This way, it leaves a great impression on the attendees.

Nutritious Food Options 

  • Roasted chickpeas are another snack option that you can select for the events. It is high in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • The caterers can use oats to make different items such as hot oatmeal, oats brownies, muffins, cookies, and many more. 
  • Omelets are a great option to serve at events. 
  • The other is sushi, which is made up of rice and vegetables. The caterers use many items such as cucumber, and avocado to fill the sushi.


Nowadays, people are health conscious. They do not prefer to eat unhealthy food even at parties or corporate events. All these options like breakfast buffets, nutritious food options, fruits, mixed juices, etc., can be the best options and different snack ideas that you can add to your upcoming corporate event. 

Moreover, hiring a catering company provides you with additional help. The service providers can take care of your budget, adding fresh ingredients to make food delicious, and so on. This way, you can add healthy food items to your events that make your guest happy.