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Scott Capelin - Protein Breakfast for Muscle Growth
By SCOTT CAPELIN 2,409 views

Protein at Breakfast Boost Muscle Growth

My name is Scott Capelin, an Australian-based health and fitness expert. My job is to train people and help them develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For today, I want to focus on the topic of breakfast: its importance, the myths surrounding it and mostly, the benefits of protein in your breakfast.

Despite being the key nutritious source for muscle growth, protein is not frequently added as part of everyone’s breakfast. Protein intake through breakfast can improve the energy quantity throughout the day, says Scott Capelin – fitness expert.

Myths and Myth Busters

There was a myth that says that skipping breakfast can make you lose weight. However, studies have shown us that skipping breakfast does not contribute to losing weight.

Facts about Breakfast

In a recent study of 2019, researchers had compared the physical states of breakfast eaters with breakfast skippers. Eventually, they found that people who do not skip breakfast usually develop an appetite for healthier food choices and improved sleep quality.

Importance of Protein in Breakfast

1- More protein in the breakfast means fewer calories throughout the day

Protein consumption during breakfast can help stop the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin is labelled as a hunger hormone. It is produced mainly by the stomach with a small amount also released by the small intestine, says Scott Capelin.

2- Manages your blood sugar level

Studies have shown that protein helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, it slows down the body’s absorption of carbohydrates. This helps to keep blood sugar levels even.

3- Boosts your workout

Protein is one of the greatest sources of energy, so there is no doubt that it contributes to protein muscle growth and mass and the maintenance of the body. Many athletes depend on protein to increase muscle growth and will often consume a protein shake or a protein bar before hitting the gym or the match.

4- Helps you manage weight

Protein helps you manage weight and improve muscle growth. If you want to increase your weight you can increase the amount of protein intake throughout the day and if you want to lose you can decrease its intake throughout the day.

Pair protein with complex carbohydrates

The human body is designed in such a way that if you eat food like a doughnut, sugary cereals your body uses the carbohydrates quickly, says Scott Capelin – Personalised Fitness Concierge and Business Mentor. But if you eat food like vegetables, fruits, and grain bread your body will take longer to metabolize the carbohydrates. So pairing your protein with complex carbohydrates not only helps you feel satisfied until lunch but will also help your body to feels and keep energetic throughout the day. If paired correctly it will also help your muscle growth and boost your muscle capacity that will help you work throughout the day without feeling less energetic. But high protein can improve your cholesterol levels so when you consume too much protein make sure you don’t overdose on the protein.

Scott Capelin

Scott Capelin the fitness trainer, is obsessed with helping people master and maximize the areas of health, career, and relationships.