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Solar Power

5 Ways Schools can Benefit from Solar Power

It’s no news that an enormous amount of expenditures of the education sector in India goes to electricity bills. That is why governments and various educational institutions are taking initiatives to go solar. In order to cut down on electricity costs and promote green energy initiatives, schools need to embrace solar power. Aside from these, it’s a smart move towards influencing students’ interest to adopt clean, eco-friendly energy. Hence, Borg Energy India, a company providing excellent solar solutions delves deeper into how solar power can benefit schools and universities. Keep reading!

Reduce operation costs

One of the main reasons why solar energy seems attractive to most universities and colleges is the opportunity to offset energy costs. Over the years, these institutions have been a victim of electricity hikes which has eaten a huge part of their revenue. Even when factoring in the cost of installation, operation and maintenance, it is still nothing compares to the cost-saving in the long haul. There have been schools that have even taken advantage of the net-zero method wherein they create enough energy from the solar during the day, divert the extra to the grid which is used to power the school in the night to reduce cost. Schools can easily divert the money saved to other important things, say…hiring competent personnel. Moreover, going solar can help safeguard against the fluctuation in utility rates that comes with the traditional sources of power. This means institutions will be able to predict how much will be going into monthly utility.

Ideal roof and space for solar power

The good thing most universities and schools boast flat, enormous roof space which makes them an excellent resource for solar installation. These roofs provide enormous unshaded areas wherein they can easily draw energy directly from the power of the sun. Since roofing material, location and angle are critical factors that determine solar efficiency, here is good news for schools that meet these requirements. 

Provides disaster relief

What happens when disaster strikes? Electric power, the most critical service is the first thing to be lost. Unfortunately, generators running on fossil fuels or gasoline are not ideal either. Not only are they releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but they can also be improper to use during major disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornados, and many more. Solar power steps in where all else fails to provide fast recovery to these problems. Schools can become evacuation centres when disaster strikes, solar energy guarantees a reliable supply of power. This makes it possible to carry out safety measures such as medical and surgical practices, provision of proper sanitation, and effective communication during a crisis. 

Boosts sustainable brand image

The world is becoming eco-conscious and they are all in for brands and organizations that put the planet first. An educational institution that embraces solar energy projects a better image in the community. They become the envy of others, and pride to students, partners, and the community at large. At a time where organizations are striving to gain a competitive advantage and stay relevant, embracing solar will not only give schools a competitive edge but can also attract potential students, donors, and seasoned educators. 

Take the lead in green energy initiatives

What can be said of a school that believes in green energy and protecting the environment, but has not yet adopted one of the important means to get it done? Shouldn’t a school set the pace and be an example for others to follow? while recycling, avoiding disposable products and more are a good way of protecting the environment, embracing solar is one of the easiest means to make a huge impact. And it goes without saying that schools play a huge role in students’ lives and serves as models to emulate. Schools that adopt solar are setting an example for others including students and teachers to follow. What’s more? Solar energy can be introduced into the school curriculum to teach students of the significance of solar power to the mother earth, human, and ecosystem.


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