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solar panels

4 Things to know when Installing Solar Panels

Going solar? Who wouldn’t? Considering the plenty of benefits that come with harnessing the power of the sun for clean energy. And thanks to the falling prices, the number of solar users keeps soaring higher with no sign of slowing down. However, there are several things to pay attention to whether you are yet to install one or you are a new proud owner of solar panels. 

“Solar energy is an investment and it’s something that you have to get right in order to reap the maximum benefits. Chances are high it’s going to be on the roof which means having the right roof is important. Not to talk of the cleanliness, getting the installations right, and ensuring maximum security” says Boaz, a booming entrepreneur and co-founding father of Borg Energy India based in Chennai, India.

Borg Energy provides insights into important things homeowners need to know about the use of solar panels.

Is your roof round enough for solar panels? 

Before even diving into solar panels, it is important to check if your rooftop is capable of standing in. First, what is the condition of your roof? If you are having a roof that is already nearing its service life or need repairs, it might not make sense to put extra baggage of solar panels on top. You need to check the condition of your roof to see if you might need replacement before the installation of solar panels. Moreover, the roof shape and inclination of your roof also matters. Your roof needs to have enough space and should be inclined towards the direction of the sun for optimum performance. 

Do you need to clean solar panels?

Solar panels do not need much maintenance, but the important thing that needs to be done is cleaning. There are natural elements such as dirt and dust that can cover the surface of the solar panels thus, decreasing the performance and efficiency. Hence, you might need to get down to cleaning regularly to keep it free from dirt and ensure it is not shadowed by anything. 

Some panels are cleaned annually especially when dust and dirt are cleaned during rainy days or the conditions of the house make solar panels free from the threat of dust, dirt, and other natural elements. 

Are solar panels vulnerable to cybercriminals?

Well, solar panels are not immune to cyber crimes and it is vital to understand this in order to take unnecessary measures towards the protection of all interconnected devices. “ The interconnected electricity grids are becoming targets by malicious hackers”. That is why many experts are warning that measures should be put in place to minimize risk,” Boaz Augustin Madurai says. “The point is any breach of a third-party monitoring system’s data can bring huge disruptions in many operations. One way to go about it is to make use of multi-user password authentication and have a VPN in order to safeguard these electronic systems, Boaz Augustin advises. 

How reliable is your solar installer?

The quality of work you will get from the solar installer is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to installation. You do not want to deal with poor wirings or leaking roofs in the long haul. Therefore, before settling for a contractor, you need to check the credentials and the reputation. Moreover, check out the warranties that come with the installation. “Boaz Augustin Madurai says it is important to know what the warranties cover. “It should include replacement of defective parts, equipment and labour, roof leakage, and not only installer malpractices”, but he also adds. Besides, you want someone that will stick for years, if possible, till the warranty of the solar panels expires. 


Borg Energy India specialized in the sectors of Residential and commercial Solar Solutions, Solar Irrigation, Energy Efficient Retrofitting, and Consultation.

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