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Solar panels
By JOE MAILLET 403 views

3 Things to Know Before Installing a Solar Panel

Increasingly so, you will find that a large number of homes in India have already gone solar, and many more homeowners are considering the option of installing a solar panel on their rooftop for the many benefits it offers. But if the idea of solar panel installation leaves you puzzled, you should read this article to discover the benefits of solar power

To help you make an easy decision, we have outlined a quick guide to the things you should know before the solar installation process and what you should expect. We picked up a 12 V solar panel here to get a better understanding.

1. Is Your House Suitable for Solar?

Before installing the panels, this is the first thing that you will need to remember. How do you know if your home is solar-friendly? Well, here is a list of factors to verify that your house is well-suited for solar:

Minimal Shading- A 12V solar panels do not work so well in the shade. The more sunlight becomes direct, the better. So, if your house falls under the shadow of a sky-scraper or was constructed next door to a big building, you may need to find a new home before going solar!

Your Power Bill – Through installing a solar system, how much can you save?  You should have a high-power bill to make the most of your solar panels and use at least half of your energy during hours of sunshine. This is more of a rule of thumb now than anything else. In general, the higher your energy bill, the more savings you can get out of a 12V solar panel.

Roof Direction – This is not that critical, but it is key to installing a 12V solar panel. You should have a wide south-facing roof to get the most out of installing solar panels. A 30-degree tilt angle is also important; however, this angle might change according to the city you live in. 

2. How Much Will Solar Save You?

This is a difficult one to address correctly. How much you save from your solar panels depends on a lot of things. Here is a very simple calculation to measure how much you will be saved by installing a 12V solar panel.

Your cost of energy (INR/kWh) x the scale of your solar system x 1.1688

The rate you pay for Power is your energy rate (INR/kWh) (shown on your power bill). In this equation, you can include GST.

Your solar system scale is the size of the solar system you would get (in kilowatts or kW)

The number 1.168 comes from an educated estimation of the output of solar energy. This number varies reliant on where you live.

3. Which Solar Panels Should You Buy?

Loads of different brands of solar panels and inverters exist. Choose a brand like Luminous that has been around for a long time. They offer a broad range of solar panels ranging from 12V solar panels to 24V solar panels. All their solar panels are supported by Pan India Service Network. 

You can check out two types of solar panels on their website—polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline PERC solar panels. Both the types have features like PID Resistance Technology, Severe Weather Resilience, Excellent Low Light Performance, and advanced Eva Encapsulation. 

We hope this clears all your confusion regarding solar panels. For each solar homeowner, the actual installation can be a memorable experience. Start by prepping your roof and ensuring that tiles are well attached. The solar experts will bring electrical wiring into your electrical panel and utility power grid, which will connect to it. They can add racking to protect your panels after the electrical wiring is done. When level and firmly connected to the racking, the solar panels are mounted on the racking. Lastly, the solar inverter is connected to the solar panels that are responsible for converting the direct current into an alternating current. So, what are you waiting for? Let going solar be that new thing that you do in 2021!

Joe Maillet

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