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By BELLA THOMAS 4,297 views

Here’s How Going to Church Can Significantly Benefit You

Regularly Attending Church Is The Gateway To Success And Salvation!

Do you often find yourself lost in vivid reveries of spirituality? Do you wish to go to church to obtain a closer connection to God? Perhaps you’ve been regularly attending your nearest non-denominational church as an earnest devotee for numerous years — or maybe you’ve developed a newfound interest in the realm of religion. Regardless of your prior experience, your zeal toward this place of worship is worthy of appreciation and inherently the stairway to success! 

It is this very fervid passion — the sincere piety that stems from your innermost core — that ultimately holds the ability to transfigure your life. By promoting the concepts of healing and restoration and emphasizing the miraculous wonders of Jesus Christ, non-denominational churches — and the various religious services they encompass — create an utterly safe, compassionate space for communities to pray and thank Him for his merciful blessings. Welcoming in every sense of the word, this environment ultimately unites hundreds of people under one roof and highlights the practice of giving back to the community. 

Additionally, it serves as the gateway to salvation and allows you to rid yourself of the negative emotions that hinder the quality of your precious life. By attending church regularly, you are inviting benefits in many aspects and proceeding to metamorphose your existence into a rewarding life. Bid farewell to all earthly addictions as you enhance your connection with Jesus Christ and adopt a holistic approach in your everyday life! Key advantages to reflect upon are as follows.

  • It Allows You to Express Gratitude

In the fast-paced whirlwind that is life, it is often easy to lose track of one’s surroundings and forget to be grateful for the various blessings He has bestowed upon us! By frequently going to church and accumulating an abundance of knowledge about the Almighty Lord through copious sermons and teachings, you can transform arduous life situations into learning opportunities as an effective coping method. 

By preventing you from dwelling upon empty questions and eliminating any potential negativity, the church allows you to be thankful for an array of life’s constituents — the sturdy roof above your head, the fresh food on your plate, the utter warmth in your congenial abode. Ultimately, this optimistic, positive outlook possesses the power to ensure a wholesome life!

  • It Reduces Stress and Contributes to Good Health

To put it simply, the church has been scientifically proven to correlate with good health, thus serving as a testament to the sheer power of prayer directly. To elaborate on the copious positive aftereffects on your well-being, regularly attending church ensures longevity by significantly lowering your blood pressure and boosting your immune system. 

Additionally, according to a study conducted by the University of Saskatchewan, the prevalence of depression was 22% lower in those who visited the church at least once a month than those who refrained from attending at all. This place of worship has a monumental impact on both mental and physical health — and for good reason. By establishing an environment on the foundation of hope, the church contributes to profound reductions in stress. Essentially, the presence of His loving spirit, the overall emphasis on spiritual connections, and the existence of a socially supportive community tremendously uplift churchgoers, allowing them to attain optimism and refrain from dwelling upon their worries and fears.  

  • It Promotes Companionship and Builds a Community

According to a study performed in North Carolina, churchgoers have colossal social networks and increased affection within their hearts for one another. Thanks to establishing weekly groups for community bonding, healthy interaction, and Bible discussions, they can form meaningful, reliable, and often lifelong relationships with their fellow attendees. By uniting copious followers of Christ under one shared roof, the church not only creates a strong sense of belonging but simultaneously creates a community of companionship. 

Participating in youth group games not only encourages bonding and friendship-building among group members but also helps create a sense of community. Indoor and outdoor youth group game ideas provide opportunities for team building, communication practice, and the development of strategies needed to communicate effectively in groups. Youth group games offer benefits that last beyond fun indoor and outdoor experiences – they promote not only friendships but also a shared understanding between all participants which can help sustain a strong community.

Fundamentally, it is like the formation of a new family of sorts — a faction of like-minded people united by a shared bond and their undying love for Him. As a community, these church attendees can then implement the Savior’s teachings and extend their support toward the community by generously donating to charities and providing assistance in areas of urgent need.

  • It Teaches Forgiveness and Love

Undeniably, love possesses the power to revolutionize the world in groundbreaking ways. This colossal force is deeply embedded within the core of every single one of Christ’s teachings. By learning about the concepts of compassion and empathy while being surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful hymns, you will feel your heart swell with profound emotion and be compelled to showcase such affection to both yourself and those around you. 

Essentially, attending church transforms your mindset as a whole — for the better. Moreover, upon learning about the theme of forgiveness in the message of the Gospel, you will then possess the pressing urgency to forgive those who have wronged you for your peace of mind. Christ and His amazing grace mercifully forgave us for our sins — so we can forgive other human beings as well. Repentance, at times, is the key to a happy life.

  • It Provides a Reassuring, Insightful Environment

Essentially, the church is a place of worship that provides Christians with an environment of the utmost reassurance. It is the most generous sphere of solace — the warm hug in the dark, the intertwining of hands, the subtle nod of condolence. By frequently entering the realms of the church and surrounding yourself with your brethren and the benevolent teachings of Christ, you will feel a surge of comfort instantly revitalize you. 

Additionally, it teaches an array of life-changing principles, all of which allow you to develop a stronger sense of your identity and effectively grasp the true meaning — and purpose — of life. Regularly attending church helps us realize the greater narrative of life and use the sheer strength of our faith as a vital guiding tool. Such tremendous encouragement alleviates our burdens and serves as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bella Thomas

Bella has over 5+ years of experience leading strategic digital marketing, social media, influencer engagement and analytics initiatives. In addition to acting as the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at BCBS, she is also an author on the