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customized clothing
By VENESSA CADE 218 views

Top 8 Benefits of Getting Customized Clothing

Customized clothing is becoming popular by the day. People have realized that luxe brands and designers are charging them a price tag many times higher than its original/manufacturing cost. Compared to the quality available at not-so-high-end stores, having your own customized clothing that can last several years is a great option. And that is why there has been a shift from purchasing clothes off the rack to having tailored clothes.

The term “customized” is no longer attached to celebs, singers, and elites. It no longer means extremely pricey and non-affordable. Using your own sartorial creativity can lead you to create your own personal closet full of customized clothes in tune with your personal style. That goes for both formal and casual wear. While browsing Pakistani wedding dresses, I realized how people have become increasingly creative with designing their own customized dresses. I think this is a very healthy trend and it has many benefits.

Let’s find out what these key advantages are.

Top 8 Benefits of Going the Custom Route

  1. Fit to Perfection.
  2. A Plethora of Fabric Options.
  3. Long-Lasting Quality.
  4. Saves Time.
  5. No Hassle of Roaming the Malls to Find the Right Style and Price Tag.
  6. Flaunt Your Personal Style.
  7. Say No to Paying Retail Prices.
  8. Build a Perfect Wardrobe.

Fit to Perfection

Ever experienced looking for a particular style or cut and never finding the right fit on the racks? Admit it or not, we have all been there! And the whole process is overwhelmingly tiring.

When it comes to customized clothing, its fit is the most important thing. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of custom clothing. They perfectly fit your body type because they exactly follow your precise measurements and size. You no longer have to fit into an average body size.

Customized pieces compliment your body type so well that you will realize it’s a win-win situation.

A Plethora of Fabric Options

We all prefer certain fabric types. With customized pieces, you will have the liberty to pick your favorite materials. You can go for stretchy, flowy, and all sorts of different garment types to suit various styles and cuts. You can get to have clothes, which are both, classy and comfortable. The best duo!

Ready-to-wear clothing options don’t give you this choice. You have to purchase them in whatever fabric they have. And now that you can choose from various loose fabrics, you will have better quality because these fabrics are not mass-produced.

Also, custom tailors are very keen on precision. They adhere to a fixed standard of stitching that makes the fabric even more durable.

Long-Lasting Quality

Ever experienced how a busted seam or a sudden rip in your off-the-rack clothes, moments before you are about to step out can piss you off! That’s not the case with customized clothing. Custom-made pieces are a long-term investment and they will endure for years to come.

A slightly higher initial price compared to ready-made ones is worth it. Choose quality over quantity!

Saves Time

People with sartorial and aesthetic sense always have a picture in their head of the kind of dress they want. And finding the same thing in retail stores is almost an impossible feat.

Spare yourself from wasting time frantically running from store to store and get the piece in your head custom-made.

No Hassle Finding the Right Style and Price Tag

Let’s face it, shopping jaunts take all the time in the world. And even if you find something incredible, the price tag will make it tricky to purchase it. Even if you don’t go to a mall, browsing e-stores online can take ages. And many of us don’t even rely on online shopping for clothes because of fitting concerns.

Going to a tailoring solution to get your clothing piece made is less time-consuming.

Flaunt Your Personal Style

Are you one of those people who don’t like someone else wearing the same dress that they are? If you are buying from retail shops where articles are produced at a mass level, chances are that you are prone to look like everyone else. If you are into exclusivity, customized clothing can save you from that dilemma.

With custom-made clothing, you can bring out your individuality and allow yourself to express your uniqueness and creativity.

Say No to Paying Retail Prices

While some people consider customized clothing expensive, it is still better than overspending in high-end clothing stores. Even if you are spending a little extra, you exactly know where your money is going. And when it comes to retail stores, durability is an issue.

Seeking a tailoring solution directs you to what is actually necessary- the tailor and the fabric.

Build a Perfect Wardrobe

Lastly, with a bunch of tailored pieces, you will be able to end up creating an entire closet full of amazing pieces. It’s not necessary that you never buy from retail stores or from women’s dresses online. If something clicks, you can add that to your wardrobe too. But keep tailored options a priority.

You will end up creating your personalized fashion girl arsenal.

Venessa Cade

Venessa Cade is an NYC based writer and contributor for Spectrum Phone. She is a die-hard techie and has helped many online businesses.