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benefits of healthcare reforms

Benefits of Healthcare Reforms

Manziel law offices are going to talk about the benefits of healthcare reforms for women, families, and elderly people.


1- Protect Your Kids Till Age 26

According to Manziel Law Offices, before the affordable care act, the kids have automatically kicked off their family plans at the age of 23 but after the implementation of the Affordable care act now your kids can stay on the plan till the age of 26. Now your kids can stay on the plan till the age of 26 regardless of their marital status or at which place they live. Before the health care reform become law the percentage of people aged 18-25 without insurance was 28 percentage. But after healthcare reforms were implemented the percentage dropped from 28% to 17 %.


2- Children With Pre-Existing Conditions Are Covered

Before the affordable care act was implemented many insurance companies used to pay coverage for the babies that were diagnosed with pre-existing conditions such as asthma and diabetes. Some used to drop coverage when the newborn was in an unexpected accident or diagnosed with an illness. But after the implementation, all insurance companies cover all the children with pre-existing so that you don’t have to bear the cost alone for the treatment of the newborn.


3- Pregnant Women Are Covered

Affordable care act covered every single person not only kids or elderly person. Pregnant before the affordable care act was forced to pay high rates and if you are not insured it was hard for pregnant women to get coverage because the pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition. No company was ready to pay for pregnant women even if you find an insurer. Everything from screening to test everything was out of the patient’s pocket. But after the implementation of the affordable care act even pregnant women are provided coverage’s and companies


4- Easier Emergency Room Visit

Remember the time we had to call ahead whenever you have to visit the emergency room forget about this now. Now you can make the nearest emergency room visit without any need of calling or making an appointment. If your child breaks his or her leg and forgets about whether your care will be covered or not.


Healthcare reforms have changed the way of healthcare in America it has completely changed the way healthcare used to look in The USA. Healthcare reforms have provided coverage for pregnant women children’s and elderly people. Here in this above article Manziel law offices talked about the benefits of healthcare reforms. The efforts of previous presidents have made the way for better healthcare and it is finally paying off. Healthcare in The USA has been changed drastically and it will continue to improve as new reforms shortly will be implemented

Manziel Law Offices

Lisa A Manziel is an Insurance Law and Health Care Law lawyer in Dallas Texas who attended St. Mary's University School of Law.