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Healthcare Laws

Manziel Law Offices Talks About Healthcare Laws for Patients

Some rules of healthcare laws have been laid down to protect the rights of patients, healthcare workers, the government, civil organisations, residents of a country, and the patients. Healthcare laws help develop the passion to provide quality health services and foster cooperation.

They guide the healthcare providers on dos and don’t and how to interact with their patients.

Why Are The Rules Enforced?

The laid down rules constitute what is known as the legal framework for the healthcare system. They are divided into; customary law, contract law, administrative law, case law, statutory law and regulatory law. Those who make and enforce the rules, and the contents of the rules are different from one country to another.

According to Lisa Manziel who owns the Manziel Law Offices, “healthcare laws are there to formally instil a sense of responsibility in achieving the desired goal.” Manziel Law Offices are professionals who can navigate the healthcare laws. They help clients deal with any business, healthcare, or repayment issues.

Even though you are a customer, you have some freedoms too that are assured by the constitution. These rights include; doctor-patient secrecy, the privilege to get your authorization, the freedom to make a verdict, the liberty to get a replica of your health report, and some laws have a declaration of freedom for the patients. Health personnel must get patients’ approval to make an informed decision based on their condition and treatment. Thus, it will prevent any future trouble or legal action from being taken if otherwise.

At Manziel Law Offices, their clients are top priority and their rights are adequately safeguarded. They have advocates who help the customers should any issue occur, especially patients with lengthy care.

Privileges and Obligations of Patients

Here are some privileges and obligations of patients:

  • Proper care of patients should be respectfully done by qualified health workers.
  • The privacy of the patient’s condition should be strictly maintained. They can only divulge the patient’s condition and treatment to people with the express permission of the concerned party.
  • Health workers should give their names and job descriptions to their patients to make them feel at ease. It will also bring a sense of familiarity.
  • The patient may decide whether to involve the household members or not in his or her judgments.
  • The patient has the liberty to know the healthcare facility rules and regulations for patients.
  • No needless hesitation should occur if the patient needs emergency attention.
  • The patient is allowed to have top-quality care and the aid of qualified workers. The hospital or health facility should be of excellent standard.
  • Healthcare providers should be honest about the client’s diagnosis, their predictions and treatment procedure. The client has the liberty to use this knowledge to make an informed choice.
  • A Patient must respect other patients’ rights in the ward and control their visitors. They should reduce the noise they make to make others comfortable.
  • A patient should pay for the treatment and consultation done.


In conclusion, healthcare workers and their clients must work jointly to create a harmonious association. A harmonious association creates a conducive and relaxing environment for effective treatment to take place.

Manziel Law Offices

Lisa A Manziel is an Insurance Law and Health Care Law lawyer in Dallas Texas who attended St. Mary's University School of Law.