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By MARK BINGHAM 2,022 views

Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Company’s Website

Fun fact: WordPress currently holds about 60% of the market share and not just among some website building platforms, but rather all of them. WordPress singlehandedly powers 64 million websites on the World Wide Web. So you must be thinking if this many companies and bloggers are using WordPress, there must be some kind of an amazing advantage as well as benefits that come with it. It has to be really good when this many people are using it. Well, you’re right. 

Not only is using WordPress beneficial both for companies and individuals who want to build a website of their own, but due to its globally wide use, it’s quite easy to navigate and get around. 

Originally, WordPress started off as a regular blogging platform. In the meantime, it has developed and become popular to the point where it’s used as an often popular choice for business websites. The great thing about it is that it can be used whether you need a portfolio site or a regular eCommerce site. It works great for both. Also, WordPress offers an enormous scope of a content management system that helps you create and provide a unique and engaging website that will draw more customers in. 

So, let’s take a better look at all of the benefits and advantages of using WordPress for your company’s website.

Easy to Use

Firstly, WordPress is very easy to use. It is made to be an extremely user-friendly platform that can be easily accessible to everyone. Anyone can create and maintain a website using WordPress. The best part is that you don’t even have to be familiar with coding in order to create a website on WordPress. All of the necessary features that the CMS provides you with are already coded. All you need to do is drag and drop buttons or simply select a few of the given options and that’s all it takes to design your website. 

From inserting pages and blogs into your website all the way to changing fonts and inserting images and other forms of media, working with WordPress is as easy as a walk in the park. Once you get the website running, the only thing left to do is to maintain it. The good news is that this part is just as easy as the first step which was to create the website. 

Keeping Your Website Safe with CMS Security

Another great thing about WordPress is that it offers flexibility. There are numerous ready-made themes that can help you with your web designing process. To make the website functional, you just have to install plugins and most of them are free on WordPress. There are about 8,000+ themes for free, 11,000+ paid themes, and about 22,000+ plugins offered by WordPress that will help you build and design your website. So, not only is it easy to use, but you also have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

On top of that, if you choose to use professional WordPress website development services, you can also get customized plugins and themes for your website. This is what makes WordPress so flexible and versatile. You can choose from numerous free options and build your website at a minimum cost, or you can make your website in a completely unique way and use some of the custom-made features. This makes it a great choice both for big and small business websites. 

Helps You Rank on Google

High Google ranks get your website to have more online traffic and bigger online traffic means that more people visit your website and are more likely to stay. When people search for things on Google, they are more likely to pick the results found on the very first result page. That is why working towards getting high on that ranking list is important for your business. Both local SEO strategies, as well as global ones, can help you get that higher ranking. Your website design and navigation is what make people stick around because if you provide good services and your website is easy to use people are more likely to become regular customers.

Here are 2 ways in which WordPress can help you with that: 

  1. It provides a plugin called Yoast SEO which analyses your site and tells you how SEO-friendly it is.
  2. WordPress uses a very clean and simple code and that makes the website easy for search engines to crawl. As a result, the ranking gets very simple.

24×7 Availability of Customer Care

Even though WordPress is easy to use, the community that runs the platform makes sure they have a team of technicians and customer care providers that are available and ready to help you as soon as you contact them. In addition to that, if you are using professional WordPress website development services, you are definitely to receive more support from their team as well. 

Highly Efficient

Lastly, WordPress is just overall extremely efficient. Coding a website from scratch takes weeks or even months if the website you’re building is complex and has numerous pages. However, if you opt for WordPress services, web design will be a lot easier no matter how complex your website is. You can even create a whole website in a few hours. The basic setup doesn’t take that much time and the rest of the designing process depends on how much you want to pay attention to details.


Overall, WordPress is an easily accessible website platform that can help you build a website of your own. The reason why it’s so good and widely used is that it’s easy to use, flexible, affordable, and it can help your business website get a better Google search ranking.

Mark Bingham

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