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By BELLA CORY 2,512 views

7 Reasons Why WordPress is Perfect CMS for SEO

SEO is one of the essential digital marketing strategies in the digital era. Today, the primary aim of an online business entity is to stay ahead of its competitors. And the first step is to have an SEO-optimized website. This is where WordPress comes into the light. You may find ‘N’ number of CMS in the market; WordPress has cornered the market when it comes to developing the SEO-friendly web presence of an organization.

Well, the popularity of WordPress for SEO-optimized websites has reached another level. These days, the total number of custom WordPress development services is also growing exceptionally. So, what are the reasons people prioritize the WordPress CMS for website optimization? Let’s have a look at each reason!

7 Reasons Why WordPress is Perfect CMS for SEO Optimized Website/Blog Development

1. Easy For Content Creation & Modification

WordPress is the best-suitable platform if your online entity is more based on content. Basically, WordPress is a boon for you if your website is a blogging platform. Initially, Matt Mullenweg created WordPress as a content management system, especially for blogging websites. It provides a very good drag-and-drop system that allows technical or non-technical people to play with content uploading, modification, and deletion easily. Moreover, users can easily access the media library, install and update WP themes, plugins, and a lot more.

2. Search Engines Love WordPress

WordPress is the most preferred CMS of Google and other search engines. Its fundamental reason is its clean code. WordPress is based on PHP programming language and endowed with the best coding practice that allows crawlers to identify your websites and modifications inside easily. The faster your web pages will be crawled, the higher the chances of indexing and ranking on search engines. All in all, if your website is built on WordPress, the webpages will be easily and quickly crawled, indexed, and rank well on search engines.

3. SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

Website design can either make or break your SEO campaign. If you are going with any CMS to develop your website, it will offer you endless themes or templates. So, It’s necessary to opt for the well-optimized one and don’t break your SEO campaign due to its bad coding standards in the backend. Thus, design matters a lot in SEO, and that’s why choosing the right theme for your website holds enough importance. WordPress as a CMS offers countless SEO-optimized themes. One can pick any of them and make his website SEO friendly from the very first step.

4. Easy to Maintain Meta Data

If you are well aware of the on-page SEO, you must know how metadata is important to optimize any website. Meta title and meta description should be well-optimized along with entailing appropriate targeted keywords inside. It’s one of the exhaustive tasks to insert such metadata in the website coding manually. All thanks to WordPress CMS! WordPress SEO plugins let you enter the metadata using which it will general HTML tags accordingly in the backend. Sounds interesting, right?

5. SEO & User-Friendly URL Structure

Clean and short URL is the major SEO ranking factors that we can’t ignore. The brief URL having a targeted keyword of the particular web page has a higher chance of ranking by Google and other search engines. Moreover, it also helps you increase the CTR (Click Through Rates), which is another factor that boosts your website’s SEO ranking. WordPress is endowed with all such functionalities required to have a clean URL of your webpage. You can individually modify the URL as per your requirements. Ultimately, it will let crawlers easily find your web pages and index them well to rank fast in search engines.

6. Trouble-free Image Optimization

Streamlined user experience also has much importance to rank your website higher in Google. Especially when your website is full of visual content such as images and videos, it’s mandatory to optimize them well because it directly impacts your website speed, which is the most crucial ranking factor. WordPress editor lets you easily resize images and fulfill all the requirements for image optimization, including image alt text, image title, image description, etc.

7. Streamlined Social Media Integration

Though social media doesn’t directly impact SEO, it plays an important role in increasing website traffic and users’ engagement with your website. WordPress is the best CMS that lets you easily integrate social sharing elements on your website or blog. It will let the users quickly share your content on various social media platforms. The more content will be shared on social media platforms, the more people will know about your brand. Considering this, WordPress has brought amazing plugins to integrate social sharing features on its website or blog effortlessly.

Final Note:

WordPress is the perfect pick to acquire organic traffic to your website through SEO. This CMS has the plethora of SEO optimized themes, plugins, and tools required to add necessary functionalities to your website or blog for better SERP results. From adding content to the support of a vast community, WordPress is always there to assist you at each level while developing an SEO–friendly website.

So, why are you waiting now? Choose WordPress as your website CMS and get in touch with the best custom website development services provider that brings your envisioned website or blog to reality at the most pocket-friendly rates in the industry.

Bella Cory

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