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Electric bike
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Why is Wildtan M-5600 the Best Electric Bike for Hunting?

For years hunters or those who liked to tread the forest and explore things occasionally searched for a cycle that could fit all their needs. However, no bike checked all the boxes until Wildtan M-5600 came into the picture.

This particular bike is the best electric bike for hunting, and that is a fact. Don’t believe us? Learn for yourself by reading its excellent characteristics below.

Why is Wildtan M-5600 the Best Electric Bike for Hunting?

Before putting in your money and making sure the hunting bike you get is impeccable, you would want to research all its outstanding characteristics. We stand correct when we tell you that Wildtan M-5600 would suit you best for your hunting expenditures. Want to know why? Well, learn below.

1. Sturdy Construction

A solid structure is required for a great hunting electric bike, and the Wildtan M-5600 checks all of the boxes in this regard. The e-bike is a perfect creation for a good hunting day, with metals and joints so flawless that the price you pay for it is well worth it.

The bike’s body can withstand all seasons and environments thanks to its broad, rugged 6061 ARC Aluminum alloy frame. Furthermore, its camouflage print makes it ideal for concealment while hunting without alerting your prey to any danger.

2. Exceptional Battery Life

Running out of battery power while hunting can be one of the most inconvenient situations. That is the case with the Wildtan M-5600. The electric bike is powered by a 17.5 Ah Panasonic battery that can travel up to 60-70 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, this 1000W mid-drive fat bike battery powers a 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor. This battery is located directly in the centre of the two wheels, which is unlike any other e-bike of its kind.

This is because this particular placement helps to keep the centre of gravity between the two wheels. As a result, it facilitates movement through the forest.

3. Sufficient Carriage Capacity

For any hunter, carrying the proper equipment with himself is very important. This mid-drive fat tires electric bike checks this necessity pretty nicely. The 350 lbs. load the bike offers is sufficient to carry both you and all your necessary equipment through the forest without making it overbearing.

The electric bike offers a frame below the seat to keep your water bottle while treading through the forest as well.

4. Extreme Performance

The fat tire e-bike allows you to move around the forest quickly and holds some exceptional performance measures, which come in handy. A bike is an excellent option for long hunts with a 60+ miles average per hour to a 17.5 Ah battery with the tendency to charge through a USB cable.

Moreover, a 30 mph speed helps speed through the forest much easier. The fat tires help in this cause a lot, considering how efficiently they pass through all terrains without much of any bumps.

With such extraordinary measures and extreme performance, this fat tire mid-drive electric bike is an excellent buy for you.

5. Wildtan Can Handle All Terrains

The 1000w battery allows continuous and powerful moving through all terrains despite bumpy ways and steep hills. The perfect positioning of the battery to balance the center of gravity allows the motor to offer improved handling and safer riding.

The placement also ensures that the motor doesn’t bump anything and is secured while you speed through your journey.

Where Can You Get the Best Deal on a Wildtan M-5600?

Now that you know why a Wildtan M-5600 is an excellent hunting bike, you should buy one if you are a hunter or enjoy spending time in the woods. The next step is to look for a shop that sells this bike at the lowest possible price.

Look no further because Addmotor is the perfect place for you. The company sells a variety of electric trikes and e-bikes, with Wildtan being one of its best electric bike products. So, if you want to buy this particular electric bike, this is where you should do so.

About the Addmotor:

Addmotor is a USA-based ebike brand that has designed and developed various electric bikes and tricycles since 2011. Addmotor has two world-first innovations: in 2017, it launched its electric tricycle M360 with BACKREST design, serving those with back pain or disability, which redefined electric trike comfort. It upgraded its electric bikes with 48v*20 Ah EB 2.0 battery system in 2022, and Addmotor ebike was also the world’s first UL verified. In order to meet the needs of more customers, it opened another showroom at 3400 SW 26 Terrace Unit A07-A08 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 in late August.

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