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event chairs
By SHASHI DAS 1,359 views

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Event Chairs

The necessity for the perfect chair

When you search for a perfect chair for your event, you have to consider then according to style and comfort. For maximum events, you need a comfortable chair than any other thing. The number of chairs should be 2/3rd of your total guest. It can generate a big visual impact. But you have to keep in mind that the chair should not occupy enough space. So, the count of the chair must be in balance.


As earlier, we said that the number of the chair is the crucial factor when you are arranging an event. For wedding parties, you have to decide them strategically. Ambiance works as an X-factor of your event. The style of the event depends upon the looks and setting of the chair. At the wedding, you can be setting up a sofa for a more comfortable and casual look. For the corporate event, you have to consider a chair along with a round table to bring out a more professional look. So think about the kind of chair according to the event. Also, think about their space-saving features. You want your attendees to be more comfortable. On the other hand, you also need enough space to arrange the decoration, Therefore, you can set up your chairs in rows which would be space-saving yet comfortable.


At the time of selecting event chairs for your wedding, receptions, cocktail party, dinner, you have to think about the shape and size of the chairs. Please consider the shape, height, size of your table and chair. For a cocktail party, you require taller chairs for bar stalls and cocktail tables. For the conference hall, you need a meeting chair. For your wedding sofa or couch like will be a more elegant choice.


The style or concept of the event will help you to organize your chair selection. Choose the kind of chair that complements the theme. For a suitable match, you have to think about the material, style, and shape. If you want to choose a rustic ambiance, the selected wooden chair perfectly complements your even ambiance. For corporate meetings and conferences, a folding chair will be a good option.


Comfort is a crucial factor while you are talking about chairs. Being a host you want to make your guest comfortable. You can keep the cushion in the chair to increase comfortability.

We would suggest you sit and check the comfort of the chair before you rent for the event. You can visit the showroom at a party furniture rental company that allows you to sit in a different kind of chair so that you can make an informed decision. Visiting a showroom is a unique way to check the shape, style, and sizes of the event chair.

What to ask before you rent:

You have to ask the following things before rending event chairs:

  • Will the event takes place in a fully covered area?
  • What kind of chair surface will the chair be on?
  • How long the event will be?
  • How will the chair look in the photos?
  • Do you require baby seats for kids?
  • Will, there be any bar arrangement?
  • What will be the theme/ chair for the upcoming event?

To start with, consider how long you anticipate that your guests should sit for it. If visitors need to sit for over 60 minutes, rampage spend and get additional cushioning for their seats.

Is it accurate to say that you are getting seats for an occasion that will have a photographic artist? Provided that this is true, discover the shading plan for the occasion early, and ensure the seat plans will accommodate the occasion’s topic.

There are different kinds of folding chairs:

Irrespective of indoor and outdoor events, the right kind of folding chair makes the situation stylish as well as perfect. There is a large number of folding chairs you can select from, but we have enlisted some chairs, you can pick the perfect chair of your choice. There are some folding chairs for your event.

  • Wood Folding chairs
  • Plastic folding chair
  • Resin folding chair
  • Bamboo folding chairs
  • Metal folding chairs

If you choose to go with the wooden chair, your attendees will enjoy a strong backrest along with a simple metal frame. These kinds of chairs are a great option if you have a large number of guests because they are easy to store. Plastic folding chairs are also a good option because they can be easily relocated from one place to another place.

Banquet chair Variation

Chair hire offers two kinds of banquet chairs; Folding chairs and stackable chairs. The stackable chair has padding like dome back, crown back, teardrop back. The folding chair does not have any padding. However, you can put comfortable cushions on your folding chairs. The material of the folding chair is commonly plastic, wood, and metal. As event chairs are for short term seating, they are convenient to store, and the best thing s that you can relocate according to your requirement

Shashi Das

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