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wedding in autumn
By JOE MAILLET 746 views

How to Plan the Perfect Autumn Wedding

One of the beautiful times of the year for a wedding is autumn, especially when the leaves are just beginning to change and the atmosphere has shifted from the warmer months. One great advantage to having a wedding during the fall is that you have more opportunities to incorporate elements of the outdoors without worrying about the intense heat and humidity that can come with a summer event.

You also have the added option of utilizing the colors of the season and finding a unique way to weave them into the aesthetics of your wedding dress. There are many ways to maximize the season and plan the perfect autumn wedding.

Embrace the Outdoors

Once the summer turns into fall, it is impossible not to notice the beauty of Mother Nature all around you, the cooler and more bearable temperatures, and how crisp the air is. You can utilize the changing scenery as the leaves change color and take advantage of the picturesque scenes. One option that is a hit with many weddings is organizing a cocktail hour outside so guests can enjoy the weather.

If you have certain liquors that you prefer, you can offer only those or even customize a few drinks based on the bride and groom’s history together. For those particularly warm, bright autumn days, tents can be useful to block some of the rays. Combined with the weather and the feelings of everyone gathered there, it is the perfect way to intertwine the season with the wedding event.

Serve Warm Food and Drinks

The fall season is the perfect season to offer guests drinks that are more in line with the cooler temperatures. Warm cider or mulled wine are excellent choices to consider on the big day. Many wedding events serve them as a signature drink for the event, and when coupled with a warm buffet with special dishes specific to the bride and groom, it can be a nice touch that guests will never forget. 

Take Advantage of Autumn Dress Options

Fall weddings also require different styling options that respect the changing temperatures, as summer usually involves sleeveless dressings that are more in tune with the heat. During the autumn months, women can opt for long-sleeved wedding dresses and even bridal capes that give them the chance to add an additional layer of style to their overall look. There are many options to consider for chillier days of the year that including boleros or bold jackets perfect for a bridal ceremony. 

Colors that are perfect for a fall wedding include dark green or rich burgundy for bridesmaid dresses. You can also check out these autumn-inspired garden wedding bridesmaid dresses from Cicinia.

You can easily incorporate these colors into bouquets and floral arrangements. Take advantage of the deeper hues the season offers. 

Plan Seasonal Activities Leading Up to the Wedding

As the season changes, so do the activities that are typically associated with them. The weather offers different opportunities that you can take advantage of that can make for an excellent wedding that is truly unforgettable. One option with a rich tradition in many circles is visiting apple orchards as part of a bridal party. With the right accouterments, going to an apple orchard as a large group can be a great way to give the event a laid-back feel while also giving everyone involved a chance to take in the rich weather and colors of the fall season offers. 

You can also set up a fun photo shoot before the big day. This allows for more candid shots. To set the mood just right, use the seasonal foliage as the backdrop for the booth and include items that are synonymous with autumn, including several shades of orange, hay, and pumpkins to complete the look. 

You can also set up a hayride to fully embrace the fall spirit. This could even be your mode of transportation to the rehearsal dinner. While guests are on the ride, there also could be a photographer on hand to capture the spontaneous moments that are sure to become unforgettable.

Embrace the Season

The fall season offers several opportunities to plan and execute an exceptional wedding experience that your guests will never forget. With careful planning and the introduction of unique ideas, every guest will have the time of their lives. Embrace the autumn and all that comes with it for the perfect wedding ceremony.

Joe Maillet

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