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Hotels in Istanbul
By DUSTIN BANK 1,601 views

Explore Istanbul Like a Local: 5 Best Hotels in Istanbul

By traveling you will come to explore many things regarding different cultures and different traditions of different countries. By traveling you will come to know about the different new ways of living. By traveling you will gain much personal growth.

If you are planning to travel then you must consider Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the largest city in Turkey. It is also serving as the historical and economical hub. More than 15 million residents are living over there.

It is also known as the bridge between Europe and Asia.  It is the home of several fun; it is one of the cheapest places to visit. In this blog, we will discuss the 4 best hotels in Istanbul.

1. Tilas House

Tilas house is an approximately 150-year-old building having a comfortable environment with relaxing furniture, every wall of this hotel is hand-painted reflecting different ways of their culture. This hotel will give you an environment just like home.

Their staff members are very friendly. Restaurants, grocery stores, and much more are very close to this hotel. Maiden’s Tower, Sultan’s Trail, Hagia Sophia, and much more are the nearby locations.

2. Hostel Le Banc

While traveling first set your priority if the location is your priority then you must go for Le Banc Hotel. It is located near Taksim Square. There is a common room where you can hang out, and share your experience with other travelers.

They also offer healthy and organic breakfast which is complementary. You can also offer yourself a skyline view. Their bathrooms are modern and very clean.

3. Yolo Hostel Kadikoy

This is one of the most social hotels in Istanbul. Their staff members mostly organize get-togethers and many other events. As we already discussed that this is one of the best social hotels so it has an amazing terrace, a leafy communal garden, and a fully equipped kitchen where you can relax and chit-chat with other travelers.

4. Cheers Hostel

Staying in this hotel you will be get amazed by having great views of the city, as there are terraces and bars where you can relax and enjoy breakfast. Here you will get rooms which are only for females. Lockers are also available so that you can store your luggage.

It is located in Sultanahmet which is the old city of Istanbul. In September 2011 this hotel is voted best the hotel by Hostelworld.com.

5. Bahaus Guesthouse Hostel

Every day in this hotel is a fun day, because of their daily activities like events in this hotel include belly dance every Friday, BBQ dinner every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, happy hours on daily bases from 17:00 to 20:00 at the bar, daily tours of the city and many other events make this hotel unique from others.

It is situated on the European sideways of Istanbul, just a few minutes walk from plentiful sites like a blue mosque. House, the bar will be open at late night on daily bases. If you are traveling solo and you want to meet other travelers for more adventure this is the best place for you.

Importance of Early Hotel Bookings in Istanbul:

It is a good idea to book a hotel in advance. Generally speaking, you can save a lot of money on advance bookings. You might grab a deal on hotels on various websites like Trip Advisors or any other website for early booking. If you are traveling in Spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October), you can experience a lot more difficulty if not booked in advance. These times are the busiest times when it comes to booking hotels in Istanbul and Cappadocia. For non-independent beach areas, it is best to book early.

Most of the hotels will be booked heavily and you may see a hike in hotel prices in these seasons. Rolling reservations are the most famous hacks when it comes to booking one night early before landing in Turkey. After you arrive in Turkey, ask your travel agency or travel agent to book your next destination hotels in advance so that you can save more money and waste not a breath on struggling with hotel bookings.

Booking in the most popular hotels at peak times costs even more. It is wise to book your reservation in fewer peak times even if it’s in-season or off-season. Even if you are failed to book your hotel in advance, you can ask the travel agency to reserve a room in any hotel in case. Turks are hospitable and they will help you find a room in one of the hotels in Istanbul.

Final Thoughts:

Traveling to affordable and incredibly unique hotels will not only save you a lot of money but will also help you gain an insight into the local culture and places. You can enjoy other activities if an affordable hotel on a suitable budget is booked in İstanbul. Keep following me for more amazing travel tips and tricks.

Dustin Bank