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The International Baccalaureate academic programs are starting to gain popularity in India, especially in major cities like Delhi. This is because contemporary parents want to ready their children to be at par with the global standards, be it for higher studies or career. However, with the popularity of IB growing, so is the number of IB schools. While choosing the right school might be challenging, it is quite necessary in order to ensure the all-round development of your children. Here’s how you can go about while picking the best IB school in Delhi for your kids.

  • Academics: Before enrolling your child in a school, you would obviously want to know about its academics. Once you have shortlisted certain schools, check out and compare the performance of their students in recent years.
  • Reputation: One of the largest advantages while choosing a school is that you have probably heard the names of the best ones already. The reputation of a school is built through their excellence and dedication when the parents of the students are satisfied and spread the word.
  • Modern facilities: In order to provide an education which would be fully effective in modern times, sophisticated features required. Some of the features common among the leading IB schools are smart classes with audio-visual systems, subject-based classrooms, visualizers, etc. Now that smart devices like laptops play an important role in education, you might also want to choose a top boarding school in Delhi with proper Wi-Fi connectivity on the campus.
  • Infrastructure: The academic infrastructure in a school certainly plays a significant role in defining the quality of education imparted among the students. Any modern school comes with well-equipped laboratories for the subjects and courses offered. Libraries help the students gain more knowledge and excel better too.
  • Extra-curricular activities: By now, it is a well-known fact that education isn’t all about academics. Extra-curricular activities are equally important in order to ensure the overall development of the students. If you are looking for the top boarding school in Delhi, you would want to choose one which offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Sports facilities: To make learning fun and effective, it is necessary to allow the children to play outdoor games and take part in sports activities. This would also assist with the physical development of the children and help them stay fit. The leading schools offer specific training programs for different sports too.
  • Administration: The top schools are generally well-known for efficient administration. Check out the background of the administrators, such as the principal of a school before you make the choice. Ideally, if you seek the best IB school in Delhi, you should try to go to one run by experienced leadership.

How is IB education different?

The International Baccalaureate programs are designed to help students gain extensive practical knowledge through a rigorous curriculum. The inquiry-based learning system helps the students learn more effectively and in interesting ways. It also involves learning about other cultures, which would ultimately help the children if they travel abroad for education or jobs later on in life. The IB certificates are quite prestigious and acknowledged by various leading institutions across the globe.

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