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Natural Stone Tiles
By JOE MAILLET 1,535 views

Best Option Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles, A very relevant finishing material today is granite or marble tiles. As well as their artificial counterparts. After a widespread fascination with man-made materials, which lasted for about ten years. Natural stone tiles are back in fashion. This is due to the fact that it has truly unique aesthetic properties – the variety of colors and textures that distinguish various types of natural white marble tiles stone is almost limitless. Thanks to this, talented designers have almost unlimited possibilities to create beautiful and original interiors. The main advantage of which is extreme durability and resistance to any damage. But also creates favorable energy in the home.

The functionality of the Natural Stone Tiles

Perhaps there is only one drawback to natural stone. Like all-natural materials, the extraction, and processing of which requires a lot of human labor. Natural stone tiles are not cheap. In addition, when placing it, you must use specialized adhesives. However, the end result is definitely worth it. Now let’s take a closer look at the functional and aesthetic properties. That distinguishes granite and marble from each other. After all, it is from them that the choice of one of these materials for the design of a particular room will directly depend. Let’s start with the granite. I notice immediately that it is a particularly durable natural mineral. Extremely resistant to all kinds of negative environmental influences. This stone transfers up to three hundred freeze-thaw cycles.

Interior Design with Natural Stone Tiles

Therefore, we have before us an almost ideal material for floors in public buildings. Which are subject to increased stress. However, using granite for interior decoration is not a good solution. The fact is that the extremely dense crystal structure of this material. Which both its main advantage and a significant disadvantage. In fact, it is for this reason that granite does not retain heat well. Which means that it cools quickly. When facing floors with granite tiles. It is almost certain that you will need to equip them with heating. Since walking on such a surface will not be very pleasant, especially in the cold season. Furthermore, in many cases, granite has a higher natural radioactive background than other stones. So there is something to think about.

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It can only be damaged by very strong blows. It is practically unaffected by contamination and destruction by aggressive chemicals. Well, polished granite has a near-perfect mirror finish.

Facts about Natural Stone Tiles

Marble, in contrast to granite, is considered a more “homemade” material. It lends itself well to polishing but is less durable, but in a living environment, it is not necessary. Due to its porous structure, marble retains heat much better than granite. When in contact with water, its surface does not become as slippery. It is important to take this into account when tiling bathroom floors to avoid subsequent injuries. However, even despite the low moisture absorption coefficient. Marble mosaics and tiles can change color over time. Especially if a poor-quality material was used for their production. Too heterogeneous or with ferrous inclusions.

Marble is distinguished by an extraordinary richness of colors and shades, which is why it was loved at all times and continues to be loved, using it to create the best works of art. Although the most aesthetic, and therefore the most expensive, is traditionally considered pure white marble, which has the unique characteristic of shining in light rays. But such a variety of colors is fraught with a certain trap: when ordering a batch of marble tiles, pay attention not only to the fact that each of them has a smooth and even surface without cracks or chips, but also that their shades match. To evaluate the quality of the selected material, it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialized company with sufficient experience in this area.

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