Real estate businesses have been trying to get a foothold in the online marketing area with many builders & developers coming up with new construction projects. With all the competition, it may not be easy to find out the correct marketing method for your real estate business over the internet. There are plenty of options available but that can only confuse you more about which one to choose & which one will give the best results for your real estate business. 

Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to give your online marketing efforts a push at the start, and it just gets better for a real estate business. Most of the people who are looking to buy a house want something stable and secure. There has been a lot of changes and progress in the real estate sector over the years. Real estate has achieved drastic popularity & importance as an asset due to which professionals are on the lookout for the most compatible marketing methods for their new ventures and related services.

Facebook Ads have been a topic of discussion amongst real estate experts. It is a social media platform, not a classified advertising media. People spend hours of their day browsing through this platform and they come across several ads and are capable of connecting directly to the concerned person. The secret to successful Facebook Ads that get you qualified leads is to target the audience as much as possible so it only appears before those who want to see it. 

Huge Exposure 

One of the biggest and most important reasons why Facebook is the best choice to market your real estate company and related products or services is that everyone is on Facebook. If not, they have an account associated with at least one of the services owned by Facebook. Numerically, around two billion people are actively using Facebook every month. Just think about the kind of exposure and reach that we are talking about here with Facebook. 

People don’t only regularly use Facebook, but as mentioned earlier, they intend to stay and browse there for a long time. That implies an opportunity to get noticed and start working on your marketing strategy. According to surveys it is observed that out of every five minutes that any person spends online, one minute is either devoted to Instagram or Facebook.   

Personalized Ad Budget 

When compared to other alternatives, Facebook ads are highly customizable, especially with the amount that you spend on them. This is why anyone can opt for marketing through Facebook, right from small business enterprises to big fortune companies. The spending could literally be as low as $10 a day, which can help you reach a potential of around two billion people to convert them into leads. 

If you are looking for a way to promote your real estate business with the help of ads on a modest budget, Facebook Ads are your best choice. You may think, but you can’t do better than Facebook in this area. 

Layering To Get The Most Relevant Leads

Apart from the reach and extreme budgeting that Facebook offers as a marketing platform, layering to filter through your audience to get the most qualified leads for your business is where the perfection lies. Once you have configured your marketing campaign and the ads accordingly, multiple targeting filters will help make sure that your ads are displayed only to the correct audience. 

The first one of the filters is sorting based on location. Real estate businesses are highly dependent on their location as they deal in properties from only, particularly fixed locations. This one is quite tricky as you may need to target an audience from a specific location but you would lose important traffic if you are being over precise. People may be moving from other locations that may be a little farther than your property location. You can also focus on targeting zip codes over locations for better accuracy. 

Then you must set a range of age groups which you may not just be interested in your property, but also have the authority to put in the money to make a purchase. There is no point in showing real estate property ads to a 15-year-old who won’t have the authority or money to buy a luxurious water villa worth two million. 

After the two most important factors have been taken care of, you can focus on being through with the demographics of your potential traffic. You may put a target based on how much they make or if they are first-time homebuyers. Once you have done a remarkable job at this, you will have a list of some people who have purchased from you in the past. This list when updated in the Facebook Ads database, will get something called a lookalike audience, who will be more likely to invest in one of your gorgeous properties. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing isn’t being utilized as well as it should be, especially in the real estate market. Some may have stepped in on the method but it is still a challenging marketing technique. Although it doesn’t have to be that way as the returns made from your video marketing efforts, on Facebook, in particular, can give rewarding outcomes. Rather than waiting and getting acquainted with the already known fact the hard way, you can gear up your business with video marketing. 

Carousel Ads 

You must get familiar with the amazing carousel ad feature by Facebook. It works in great ways for every kind of business to offer that visual tempt, which will make your real estate business boom like anything. Carousel ads have a format that lets business advertisers present a series of pictures in the form of a catalog. Your target audience can scroll through your ad to view manifold listings or images associated with one listing at once. 

Pre Plan Your Budget

Real estate businesses are well aware of the busy times with their bookings & office visit during the season of high sales. They come out of hibernation with large amounts of disposable cash with them to make an investment or buy a property for personal use. When this peak season is ongoing, one may tend to simply miss out on the marketing efforts as you have other important stuff on your plate which needs more attention. 

To avoid making this terrible mistake and attracting potential customers even during the peak time with your marketing efforts, you can pre-plan your marketing budgets. Facebook has the potential to reach out to the correct cluster, even during those busy times. For this, you can plan a little ahead of time so you will keep receiving leads before the competition sweeps them off.


If you acquaint yourselves with the proper information, you can easily master putting on Facebook Ads that bring you the most valuable leads and hence, conversion rate. Make sure you go through the tips & tricks for Facebook marketing and you will be generating remarkable revenue from Facebook in absolutely no time. Above all, do your research and study before going for anyone else’s word. Read, study, research, and decide what the best decision is for your real estate business.

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