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Confused about your wedding music???

An ideal answer to your question is – The Ocdamia Strings!

An Introduction

Ocdamia Strings Review offers a range of music services, including classical to contemporary and anything in between. The enthusiastic team of almost all musicians is filled with master’s degree in music performance – Accurate professionals. Since Ocdamia is known for serving multi-cultural clients due to their impeccable capability to absorb diverse cultures and traditions while ensuring every wedding goes smoothly.

The Origin of Ocdamia Strings

Since music industry has become saturated and a lot of highly skilled musicians rarely get an opportunity to share their talent. This observation led husband and wife, Arthur and Margie Ocdamia to create The Ocdamia Strings.

The Unconditional Love – The Ocdamia Strings

The beauty of love still continues in their business name – The Ocdamia Strings. Husband and wife named Art and Margie Ocdamia respectively founded and operate this company. Spouse Art Ocdamia incorporates thirty years’ of experience as a cello player and has been in this business for more than 15 years. Partner Margie incorporates a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, major in Accounting from California State University – Fullerton. Her portfolio of success also includes her role of socio-entrepreneur who supports job creation for local communities.

With the trait of sympathy, she is fond of promoting equal opportunities, regardless of factors like gender, age, race or ethnicity – in recruiting musicians as well as accepting bookings.

Ocdamia Strings Review

Ocdamia Strings

Gigs and Musical Quartet

The Ocdamia Strings has a record breaking success of more than 1000 gigs. They are the largest repertoires of any musical quartet around – with more than 600 songs available for any event. Even a special request is also acceptable – imposing a small emolument. Due to the multi-cultural string and positive Reviews of Ocdamia Strings, they are on the preferred vendor lists of dozens.


Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, or wedding reception, Ocdamia Strings offer music ensembles for all occasions with their specialized classical to Pop, Jazz, Rock, and anything in between.

For almost 10 years, they have been in the wedding industry, aiming to make your wedding music last forever and refreshes your love every time!

In addition, the years of expertise made them know-it-all of the wedding industry, helping you to select the best music for your occasions. Depending on the type of occasion, Ocdamia Strings categorize the music:

  • Soloists for Intimate Wedding Ceremony & Cocktail
  • Wedding Strings for Ceremony & Cocktail – Classical & Contemporary
  • String Duo
  • Trio String
  • String Quartet
  • Live Bands & DJs Services for Wedding Reception
  • String Duo
  • Vocal & Saxophone Duo
  • 6-pieces wedding live band
  • The wedding jazz band
  • Bilingual DJ/Emcee

Ocdamia Strings Review has recently exaggerated their services, adding solo piano, acoustic guitar, jazz guitar, harp, saxophone, flute, wedding singer and Jazz Band for reception or Alternative Band.

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