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Beth shuey
By GRACIE HART 3,405 views

Life Story of Beth Shuey- Sean Payton’s Ex-wife

The Kinnanes brothers, Charles and Daniel, directed the biopic “Home Team,” a sports comedy based on the life of NFL head coach Sean Payton. In the film, Payton loses his job as head coach of the New Orleans Saints and moves back to his home in Argyle, Texas. Sean coaches a middle school soccer team in the community while trying to reconcile with his son Connor.

Sean and his ex-wife Beth’s marriage is only mentioned in passing in the film. We have the answers you’re looking for if you’ve seen the film and are wondering about the couple’s shared past, the reasons for their separation, and the current whereabouts of Beth Shuey.

Beth Shuey is the ex-wife of former quarterback and American football coach Sean Payton. Payton is most known for heading the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League as its head coach. Bet’s ex-husband has the second-longest NFL coaching career among active head coaches, which is a notable accomplishment. In contrast to her ex-husband, however, Beth did not disclose much information about her career beyond the fact that she is an entrepreneur.

Birth, Parents & Early Years

Former celebrity spouse Beth Shuey was born in Morocco, Indiana in 1968. As of 2023, she is 55 years old. She and her sister Debbie Shuey Doyle were reared in their Indiana hometown. Thomas Milton Shuey is her dad, and Joyce Antcliff Shuey is her mom. North Newton Junior and Senior High School were the places where Sean Payton’s ex-wife received her early schooling. She then went on to Indiana State University in Terre Haute. She completed the course and received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

The ex-wife of Sean Payton attended North Newton Junior and Senior High School for her early schooling. She subsequently attended Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. She graduated from her program with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.


Soon after she finished college, Beth Shuey experimented with a number of different avenues. She volunteered as a coach and worked as a Divorce Care Leader at Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, Texas.

She co-wrote a book that goes by the name Lovely Ashes. Beth stated of the book, “The book is about God’s magnificent restoration from the ashes that we all find ourselves in, and the beauty that may result.”

The remainder of her commitments is primarily business and entrepreneurship-related.

Relationship and Marriage

Beth Shuey met Sean, the college’s new running back and wide receivers coach, in 1990, while she was a senior at Indiana State University. The two of them connected and eventually fell in love. After dating for a few years, they finally tied the knot in 1992.

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Meghan Payton, on March 20, 1997, seven years into their blissful marriage. Similarly to that, on May 31, 2000, they received their second child, this time a male named Connor Payton, three years later.

The family moved to Mandeville, Louisiana after Sean accepted the position of head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Beth and Sean were married for over 20 years. Beth and Sean made the decision to divorce while the Bountygate controversy, which changed Sean’s life, was still ongoing.

Meghan, their daughter, is presently a sports reporter and is dating Christopher Titone, an actor. Connor plays football for Texas Christian University and is a member of the NFL.

The Divorce

They were married for over two decades when Sean filed for divorce on June 14, 2012, in Tarrant County, Texas. Separation papers cited “conflict of personalities” as the primary reason for the split. Their petition asked the court to divide their assets and request that they share custody of their children.

On June 26, 2012, however, Beth filed a counter-divorce petition asking to be named the main custodian of the couple’s children. This would give her sole authority over the children’s religious upbringing, as well as their medical, legal, and educational needs and decisions.

In 2014, Beth and Sean formalized their divorce. The details of Beth Shuey’s life after her split from Sean Payton, both professionally and personally, are sketchy at best. According to reports, she spent some time in her life working as a caring coach and a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Beth was awarded primary custody of the couple’s two children, and their father was ordered to pay substantial alimony and child support. In addition, in 2012, her ex-husband lost his 7,780-square-foot property, which he had purchased for $3.45 million (down from $3.195 million).


If you were wondering where Beth Shuey is in the dating world right now, she’s happily married to her longtime boyfriend, Jamie McGuire. The wedding was held on September 20, 2020. Her partner works with Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston as a real estate agent. She is now stepmother to Maggie and Molly McGuire.

Beth has officially changed her surname to McGuire.

In contrast, her ex-husband Sean is now engaged to Skyline Montgomery, a former Miss West Virginia.

Relationship with Children

Beth’s relationship with her two kids, who she raised, remains strong. Meghan Payton often posts photos of her and her mom together on Instagram and other platforms. It appears that the mother and daughter value spending time together in the great outdoors. We appreciate Beth’s decision to keep her personal life private beyond the details we’ve already discussed.


Beth Shuey, NFL coach Sean Payton’s ex-wife, had a successful entrepreneurial career. They met in college, had two children, and divorced after 20+ years of marriage. Beth remarried Jamie McGuire, maintains a strong relationship with her children, and prioritizes privacy. Her daughter, Meghan, frequently shares their moments on social media. Beth’s story showcases resilience and finding happiness after significant life changes.

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer