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Which is Better Smoothening or Rebonding?

We all want smooth, straight, non-frizzy hair that dances in the wind anytime we walk around but we are not all blessed with that type of hair. Some people even struggle for hours every day before they can comb or style their hair which is very exhausting and irritating. This has made many people seek other alternatives such as rebonding, smoothening, and many more. But it is important to know what all these treatments do to the health of your hair before rushing to do them out of desperation.

It is also essential to understand the type of treatment that suits your hair between rebonding and smoothening. For that, you can go through the 1 Gravity reviews to have a better knowledge of the best treatment for your hair. With that said, let’s dive in as we discuss the best hair treatment.

What is Rebonding?

Hair rebonding is one of the oldest processes of straightening curly, and wavy hair. It is a chemical technique that alters your hair’s natural structure. The treatment is often carried out by a professional cosmetologist in the salon. The process of hair bonding treatments helps to break the hair follicle’s natural bond while rebuilding the bonds into another shape.

Effect of the treatment 

It damages the hair

Applying chemical treatment on your hair destroys your hair’s natural structure. These chemicals can be irritating to your scalp especially if your skin is very sensitive and also breaks your hair. 

It is expensive

Rebonding treatment is very expensive and needs to be properly maintained. You must follow the hair regimen for straight hair and needs to use a first-class product to keep your hair healthy and prevent dryness

Not good for some hair type

Rebounding is only best for people with thick and strong hair and can cause permanent damage to other types of hair. Therefore, it is important to talk to your stylist to know the best treatment for your hair. 

You need to touch-up

After rebonding, you have to touch-up every time your hair grows out. Touching-up your hair regularly can lead to hair loss and permanent damage. 

What is smoothening?

This is a process of using a formaldehyde solution to coat the hair strands and setting it with a high-speed straighter. It is a chemical process also called keratin treatment, Olaplex, or Cysteine treatment.

Effect of smoothening treatment 

It weakens the hair 

Continuous smoothening of the hair weakens your hair follicle because of the high-speed heat used for the treatment. It also makes your hair brittle and prone to breakage. 

It makes you chemical conscious

After the treatment, you have to avoid using products with chemicals on your hair. Your shampoo and conditioner must be sulphate-free as sulphate can make your hair frizzy.

It causes dryness

Smoothening treatment often leads to extreme hair dryness. During the treatment, the chemicals used can touch the scalp, which makes it flaky, causing dryness and might lead to permanent damage to hair root. 

It damages fine hair 

Smoothening treatment is only great for thick and strong hair. The treatment often damages fine hair and makes it finer leading to brittleness. It also makes it more prone to breakage. 

It does de-frizz the hair

A lot of people believe smoothening treatment helps to remove hair frizz which is not true. The treatment only makes your hair easy to manage but do not de-frizz it.

The bottom line

Hair smoothening is considered safer and better than rebonding because the treatment does not change the natural structure of your hair follicle. Your hair will retain its natural form but will be very smooth and soft. 

1Gravity Reviews

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