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Bidet – Antique French Bathroom Fixture is the Savior of Our Health and Planet

When discussing environmental issues or health, bathroom hardly ever gets the spotlight. Sure, we mention it in the context of saving water here and there, but people generally tend to look the other way when it comes down to “the business”. Too much paperwork is just as bad for the environment as it is for you and me, and the answer to that is – you guessed it – the bidet.

Short history

Bidets never really took off in the English-speaking world. They originated in France in the 1600s, and with the appearance of indoor plumbing in the 1800s, they became quite popular in other parts of the world. However, while they were (and still are) successful in the rest of Western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the Anglo-Saxon people still continue to ignore it.

Why taboo?

Today, (most of) people are finally at peace with the fact that they have to use the toilet. Many are also just fine with the idea of sex work, and women’s periods are (mostly) not a taboo anymore. So, now’s the time for all you Anglo-Saxons to man up to the idea of a bidet. Still not convinced? Let’s break the prejudices.

1. They save forests

Did you know that about 27,000 trees are flushed down our toilets every single day? For those of us who are grossed out by the notion of using a towel for “down there”, bidets don’t realistically eliminate the need for toilet paper, but they do reduce it significantly. The fact is that they will restrict the unnecessary usage of toilet paper, which will eventually work out in favour of the numbers of those poor trees.

2. It’s the more environmentally-friendly option

By saving trees we are obviously going in the right direction, but let’s discuss the full impact of that. The first and most obvious thing is that the forests stay. Many companies that deal with paper-related production plant their own trees in order to avoid deforestation and optimize production. However, planted forests are not really natural ecosystems, which means that many species’ homes get destroyed all the same. Young trees don’t really provide as much oxygen as the mature ones, which translates into air quality-related problems. Furthermore, young roots don’t go into the ground as deeply as older ones, which eventually lead to erosion and other issues with the soil. By all accounts, planted forests are an inferior option – and wouldn’t be necessary if we saved 27,000 trees a day.

3. The amount of waste is reduced

Another important environmental benefit of the bidet is the fact that it reduces the amount of waste that goes down the drain. Toilet paper is one of the biggest tree-killers, and because of the nature of its use, it never gets recycled. The production of it is extremely detrimental, and the disposal is another problem. The bottom line is, toilet paper really causes more bad than good, and if we can reduce the usage of it, we’d do the world a favour. So, reconsider this when you renovate your bathroom.

4. Bidet is saving money

Unfortunately, not everybody cares about the environment. However, everyone cares about their finances. The bidet will help in that regard as well. The USA alone spends more than $6 billion on toilet paper a year. Furthermore, an average American spends about 50% more toilet paper than a person from Western Europe or Japan. You know what makes the difference? Yep, the bidet. Not only does it save on toilet paper, but it also saves you the trouble of unclogging your pipes because of too much paper that gets stuck there. Plus, they’re really not expensive and you can find excellent bidets online.

5. Your private regions will thank you

Have you ever considered the fact that toilet paper is essentially wood? Yes, you’re wiping your tush with finely chopped, bleached wood. This can cause all sorts of problems, from tiny cuts to allergic reactions. For your private areas, the best option is to use water and some sort of soft cloth to dry off, and avoid the toilet paper completely. If you can’t avoid it, at least try to reduce it as much as you can.

Bidets offer so many benefits. They help save the environment, save your money, and take care of your health. They may look odd at first, but the payoff is incredible.

Sarah Jessica Smith

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.