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Binoy Nazareth in Mumbai

Binoy Nazareth in Mumbai – Venturing into the Realms of Nostalgia

Explore the Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

Teeming with dreamers, celebrities from every walk of life, millionaires and a roiling melting pot of cosmopolitan culture, Mumbai or Bombay as it was once called is the stuff that dreams are made of. Mumbai pulls you into the vortex of British architecture, the celluloid world, beaches and cuisines galore. Binoy Nazareth revels in a nostalgic dream as he recalls his roots in a sprawling city which is the capital of the state of Maharashtra in India with its population growing over 21 million.

Mumbai has been the dream of aspiring actors and has always been center focus of power, politics, fame and wealth. But it has its seamy side filled with the largest slum population in India. With Bollywood and the most prestigious TV industry in India, Mumbai echoes with entertainment while its financial side brims over with commerce, industry and enterprise.

Experience the Magic of Mumbai

With its seamless amalgamation of food, religions, music and festivities, Mumbai has never failed to draw its citizens or visitors into its magic circle and Binoy has been no exception. Each and every facet of this metropolitan city has been woven into the everyday life of its inhabitants. It’s fascinating name, Bombay was derived from Bom Bahia which means “Beautiful Bay” was named by a Portuguese.

Binoy Nazareth’s early upbringing has been touched by the realm of an exotic culture. As delicious aromas waft from the local eateries and street food hawkers, Binoy has traveled the length and breadth of 1000 flavors. Besides the popular and tantalizing dishes made on festive days, Binoy has enjoyed the Chaat snacks. Who can forget the luxurious experience of eating Vada pav and Pav bahaji, muses Binoy. As a special treat, these incredible delicacies would bring excitement, the most fulfilling and replete sense of enjoyment to his heart as a young boy. Tickling the taste buds with exotic aromas and tempting the palate with awesome tastes, Binoy has been swept away by the wonder and magic of gastronomic concoctions that evolve over Murgh Malai, Chicken tikka, Dhal Bukhara, Butter Chicken and countless aromatic dishes.

Fascinated by the culinary repertoire of Mumbai, Binoy has indulged in a tasteful journey and has never stopped to experiment and try his hand at whipping up famous dishes till today. Who has not succumbed to the sweet travel of Mumbai desserts? Binoy has floated on the sweet path of confectionaries made popular by the wonderful ingredients and blend of various concoctions. He has tried the awe-inspiring melt-in-the-mouth sweet dishes and a range of soul enhancing desserts fit for the gods.

Reliving the 3 A’s of Gully Cricket

Cricket has been an all-time favorite with Indians and Mumbai promises to hike your cricket fever at its stadiums. Binoy takes a sneak peek into the joys of gully cricket, a pastime of every boy, everywhere in India till today. He relives the excitement of playing his favorite gully cricket with his everyday gang of unruly sportsmen who applied the 3 A’s of Gully Cricket – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow! Binoy goes back into his childhood fantasy of playing backyard cricket with his trusty lieutenants. The entire game would be filled with the sounds of battle, joy, sorrow at losing a wicket, arguments and a celebration bubbling with who did what and when. Sometimes, Binoy recalls, they would be chased off a particular alleyway by a scowling housewife or when their tennis ball hit one of the windows, the sound of breaking glass would eliminate the bravado of even the most boastful team and send them scampering away in different directions. The gully cricket teams would appear as if by magic anytime and anywhere with makeshift equipment like chairs or a box for the wicket, tennis balls taped up with whatever was handy and scouting teams who searched long and hard for any flat good stretch of ground, anywhere.

Try out Mumbai’s Non-stop Shop-till-you-drop Expedition

Binoy advises travelers to indulge in a delectable dining experience and top it with a shopping expedition fit for the brave hearted. Share your romance with the city of adventure Walk through the slums at Dharavi and go on a city tour of Mumbai to feel the pulse of a city that never sleeps or take off into the nightlife of Mumbai. Binoy insists that a suburban train ride is a must to feel the humanity of the throbbing city of Mumbai. As a must, one should visit Chowpati Jayenge Bhel Puri Khayenge where you can enjoy Bhel Puri while watching the sunset glimmer over Arabian Sea. Binoy Nazareth wanders through a world of nostalgia, dreams, fun, food and fantastic experiences at his favorite city of Mumbai.

Discover the Romance of Unforgettable Mumbai, the vibrant city!!`

Binoy Nazareth

Binoy Nazareth is a complete database professional and has Established track record in building, managing and scaling-up of global IT organizations.