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Healthy Eating
By OLIVIA 1,024 views

9 Simple Habits that’ll Bid Goodbye to Bloat Soon after a Meal

When you dress in a bodycon dress for a party, you observe your sweet little belly peeping out of your body. Next, you accumulate all your encouragement, wear a body shaper, and head on for the party. But soon after the meal, again your belly peeps out. This is one of the greatest concerns of women, which is called bloating. The good news: You can avoid it easily.

So, here are the 9 simple habits that will help you to bid goodbye to bloat soon after a meal.

  1. Keep less intake of fibre:

    Keep less intake of fibre: Extreme high or low levels of consumption of any nutrients can be risky. Likewise, a high intake of fibre foods will generate excess gas in your body. Further, a study revealed, a human being who had idiopathic constipation and consumed a less-fiber diet has got relief from bloating. Therefore, you can avoid having beans, broccoli, lentils, whole grain oats, and fruits like apples and oranges.

  2. Skip fatty foods:

    Fat is a crucial source of energy. However, it stands as a wall and delays the digestion process of other foods in your body, not allowing you to empty your stomach. This directly means excessive fat is not good for our health. Studies have observed that this is another significant cause of bloating found in a few people. So, dodge such foods in your diet.

  3. Don’t haste while eating:

    Our busy lives have forced us to do things hastily, including eating our food. When doing that, you may tend to gulp your food instead of chewing, which can induce air swallowing. Well, the doctor says, this whole process leads to bloating. Also, studies say, when you eat slowly, your satisfaction level of eating increases, and you may end up consuming less. All in all, it will be a win-win situation for you.

  4. Circumvent carbonated drinks:

    Are you aware of the fact that carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide? Yes, it is the accumulated gas in the gastrointestinal tract, which creates stomach bloating. Well, you can even find occurring with diet versions of fizzy drinks. Therefore, you can consider water or organic tea in your diet. When purchasing organic tea, understand which one is better: loose leaf tea or tea bags.

  5. Consume sugar-free foods:

    Too much consumption of sugary foods leads to bloating; this is a no-brainer. Still, many prefer having sweetened foods and drinks. However, doctors say limiting it to two to three servings per day would be fine to prevent increasing bloating. But it shouldn’t exceed three.

  6. Include ginger in your diet:

    Healthy foodNot all must be knowing the fact that ginger is a homemade treatment for digestive problems. The presence of carminative helps to bring down the exorbitant gas in the gastrointestinal tract. Further, even the studies have proved that the consumption of ginger has amazing health benefits; one of them is preventing bloating.

  7. Walk a little after a feast:

    There’s one misconception that walking or exercising after a meal prompts stomach ache and fatigue. However, studies have shown that taking a walk after a meal is more practical for weight loss and bloating reduction. It helps to bid goodbye to the gas from the gastrointestinal tract and relieve bloating.

  8. Don’t talk while eating:

    When eating, focus on simply eating only. Chit chat can wait for you. But bloating won’t. If you talk while eating, then you’re building the possibility of taking the air. And by now, you must have figured it out, that gulping of air leads to bloating. So, focus on eating only.

  9. Take smaller meals but more often:

    It is said that you should have your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. But following this can cause bloating. Hence, instead of having three big meals, try taking smaller ones but more often. Having more often will control blood sugar and control hunger. So, create a chart and include five to six small meals in a day. Not to mention, you can have cheats days sometimes.

A last slice of advice:

There are multiple reasons, which lead to bloating in your abdominal area. If you take care of the above-mentioned habits, then soon you’ll get the chance to observe a relief. Furthermore, make a switch to a healthy lifestyle as it has a direct connection with your overall health. For that, you can swap to organic this new year.


Hi, I am Olivia Robinson, a writer by both profession & passion. I combine my skills to share insights on various topics in a most interesting way.