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Mark McCool Sarasota - Blog
By MARK MCCOOL 2,009 views

Is Blogging Good for Your Career?

If you want a great job in any industry, you need to stand out from the pack like Mark McCool Sarasota based leader. Regardless of whether you do every one of the “musts”— like have a great LinkedIn profile and refined resume – despite everything, it may not be sufficient to emerge in this crowded market.

One approach to take yourself to the next level is through blogging. The following are a few different ways blogging can enable you to triumph over the opposition.

Blogging Enhances Your Professional Profile

Your blog ought to be current and, most importantly, applicable to your industry. In the event that your blog is irrelevant, it will make recruiters wonder what exactly your area of expertise is! The point is to show recruiters and hiring managers, the manner in which you think, how much you know, and how that will encourage them.

Blogging plays a key role when it comes to selling your brand, even with limited experience. Doing research and additionally analyzing problems and solutions in your profession shows that you’re dedicated and passionate. Also, it shows that you’re in touch with your niche.

Mark McCool Sarasota - Blogging

You (May) Attract Decision Makers

Think about this scenario for a minute:

You publish a blog post highlighting suggestions on a hot issue in your field and it’s re-published by others. Individuals share it via web-based networking media, it gets mentioned in different articles on the web, and perhaps some curated pamphlets and newsletters.

This sort of presentation could prompt leaders and recruiters to come in your direction. Tech organizations small and large are always seeking fresh talent. Netflix, for example, contacts potential hires through LinkedIn when a profile looks exceptional.

Eventually, informative blog posts can bring you down that path. Experts who like blogging share a huge number of blog posts consistently. Wouldn’t it be great if yours were among them?

Expanding Your Network

Needless to say, getting out in the real world and networking is essential. So you must network with others through online platforms, as LinkedIn Groups, and forums. However, there’s just so much time you can spend on networking efforts.

Instead, you can make the right audience come to you. A blog can put your name on the map, and allow the target audience to come your way.

Make sure to incorporate your social media links and contact data on your site. Otherwise, it will become difficult for individuals to connect with you!

Mark McCool Sarasota - Blogging

A Blog Compliments Your Resume

Recruiters and hiring managers get handfuls, if not hundreds, of resumes for a single employment opportunity. The tech job market is in high demand right now. Indeed, it’s less demanding to get an opportunity in specific areas because of a skills shortage. In any case, rivalry for most positions—particularly in the best organizations—is extreme. Which means at the minimum, your resume and cover letter must be on point.

A blog can make your resume and cover letter more interesting. Likewise, it can demonstrate how you apply your abilities and learning.

Final Words

So, these are the few reasons why Mark McCool – Sarasota based entrepreneur says that blogging is good to reach new heights in career.

Mark McCool

Mark McCool is an innovator who lives by uncompromising standards. Over the past 20 years, he has been the mastermind behind some of the wellness industry's most unique products.

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