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Boarding schools are slowly but steadily becoming extremely popular with working parents. While there is a lot of confusion in the minds of the parents initially, once they take the big step, a lot of positive things take place which amply justifies this decision.

A day boarding is also a good option especially when it is an igcse school in Gurgaon. The requirement of the board is such that there are several facilities associated with the same. The kids go to school for the whole day where along with academics they are also required to participate in many different sports within the school campus. Extracurricular activities also ensure all-round development of the child. With food being provided by the school itself, parents have to take almost no hassles other than spending quality time with their kids when they come back home.

But there are some specific limitations to the growth of the child. A school with hostel facility in Gurgaon helps to overcome these and ensure that when their boarders pass out of school they face the world as confident, self-assured individuals.

In a boarding school, the kids have to stay 24 by 7. While this limits the meeting between the parents and kids, it also results in good character building and proficiency in academics as well as extracurricular activities and physical fitness. There are several advantages associated with the same as:

  • Learning social skills:

    A school with hostel facility in Gurgaon enables a student to learn life skills first hand. Many students stay together in a hostel. Hence individually everyone has to learn to share, to help each other and to cope up with different challenges sometimes together and sometimes individually. This not only makes a child a good team player; it also enhances his social skills of interaction, participation, facing challenges etc.

  • Self-confidence and self-appreciation:

    Students learn a variety of things when they stay in a boarding school. Thus they become self-confident enough to be able to cope with different situations and circumstances. Individually they also understand their skills and find those avenues where they can excel. Consequently, in a boarding school, a student is given free rein to excel in sports, academics, arts and craft, drama, elocution etc. Boarding schools offer recognition for excellence in work in any of the available fields. Thus students fare better in all that is taught as they start believing in their self-worth and esteem.

  • Independence:

    Kids staying at home and going to an igcse school in Gurgaon often grow up in protected environments. They have their parents, grandparents and other people catering to their whims and fancies. Thus they remain dependent on them for the period that they stay at home. This dependence has a very strong bearing on the character of a child and can result in numerous complications when they ultimately step out of their homes.

Thus there is no doubt that boarding schools have a lot more to offer and parents who opt for an IGCSE boarding school can offer their kids the best of both the worlds.

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