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Boarding School India
By LOKESH 540 views

How Do Boarding Schools Help in Child Development?

Learning in early childhood calls for more than just getting good grades in the examinations. As the early life of any child requires a range of many things to be learned and many skills developed. To help them build their character, excel in the work sphere, learning the social and emotional skills to deal with the complexities of life at large. Since these skills and knowledge will help them lead their personal as well as professional life ahead. And it’s the school that serves as the prime institution to learn these. However, among the different formats of schooling that we have. It’s the boarding school that has seen to be more impactful not only on the child’s academic development but also on overall development. Thus to understand it, let us look at “how do Boarding Schools help in child development?”

Variation in the ways that the schools deploy for their child’s development

Although the effectiveness of teaching methodology varies from one school to another, it’s the school that plays a significant role in molding the child’s identity. For instance, there is a world-class residential school Career Point Gurukul in Kota Rajasthan, which is one of the biggest educational hubs in India. It deploys a logically developed SMART PREP Methodology to prepare their students for a robust career planning. Also apart from the child’s development, this Boarding Schools influences their students to reach their maximum potential in every respect.

Academic development

The boarding schools gear towards enhancement in the learning capabilities of the students, by continuously nurturing their academic potential. Where various forms of classes and schoolwork are used to impart academic learning. Additionally, certain other hands-on learning assignments are given to enhance the academic potential of their students. They also provide extra opportunities to learn by giving them responsibilities to execute certain group tasks that help the students become problem solvers. These diverse skills will ease up their journey of professional life and will ease up many future challenges.
Thus you can deduce that the boarding schools have a more competitive curriculum as compared to other schools. It’s for sure that a child that is put into this kind of environment, will experience the best academic development.

Development of Social Skills

Academic development that involves bookish knowledge which has certain facts and figures will be of no use if the child is not assisted to develop their social skills. Which requires that the students interact with their peers and get involved in collective tasks or activities. Given the fact that the development of any child would be more profound if they are instilled with skills to develop a healthy relationship. That can be achieved easily by inducing early emotional maturity.

Residential schools are designed as a place to accommodate children from different locations, varied religions, and different ethnicity. And this diversity in boarding schools turns it into a place that exposes their students to the beauty of cultural differences and helps them become socially tolerant and more flexible. Apart from English as the primary language, some of the best Boarding schools in India also provide the option to learn different global languages to make its students ready for global opportunities.

Academic achievements would be worthless if they don’t connect to society. Since after getting out of the academic institutions, it’s the society where they will start their professional career. Hence, the confidence to face different social situations smoothly becomes one of the requisite factors. Therefore the boarding schools frame their curriculum in a way that helps their students form social relationships with their peers first and eventually connect to society naturally.

Character Building

Character building and development of values will help a child in many situations. For which the best residential schools help by developing a sense of compassion, empathy, integrity and a deep feeling of respect.
Apart from that, understanding oneself and developing a sense of personal identity plays an important role in the development of a child. Because it will help the child determine his academic, professional and social capabilities. Therefore the boarding schools emphasize the values in the academic curriculum as well as other aspects of residential school life.

As the parents, you should remain assured that the school in which you are enrolling your kids must be beneficial for their future. And if you choose the residential school for them then it would be like their home for a considerable period where they will learn all the aforesaid factors.


Lokesh works for one of the best educational institute. I write articles for Educational topics like boarding schools, comp. exams and many more.