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bond cleaning
By ALEX LIGHT 2,752 views

11 Mistakes You Can Avoid Today During Bond Cleaning

It is very easy to make mistakes when you are cleaning your house for the first time. You are obviously nervous because you do not want to lose your bond money to your landlord. This makes you even more prone to making errors that can be easily avoided when performing bond cleaning of your house. What can you do to prevent these mistakes from happening? Will it be possible for you to perform the entire move-out cleaning process without damaging the house or your chances to get the bond back? Let’s give you a few tips.

Pay Attention To These Five Most Common Mistakes Households Often Make During Bond Cleaning

  • Not Having A Cleaning Checklist

This is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of families make. They forget to create a cleaning checklist. This tends to confuse everyone. You could be one of those families as well. Because you are not able to keep a track of all the areas that need cleaning and also those segments of the house that have been cleaned already, confusion begins to pile up soon enough. You miss out on essential spots and reclean the areas that have been cleaned already.

  • Relying Too Much On Store-Bought Cleaners?

Remember, you do not need a brand of cleaning solutions and detergents. Even a mixture of white vinegar and water can do the trick for several of your surfaces. You can rely on these readymade cleaners but not too much. This is because these are, at the end of the day, harmful chemicals that are going to pollute the indoor air of your house. Relying too much on them is never a good idea.

  • Forgetting To Follow The Top To Bottom Approach

So, you started the bond cleaning process by vacuuming your carpet. You just made a big mistake. You forgot to follow the top to bottom approach. You will have to clean your carpets and rugs and then your wooden flooring all over again. It is very essential that you start cleaning and scrubbing the surfaces from top to bottom. Period. Begin with your ceiling, then the ceiling fan, light fixtures, shelves, table tops, and then the surfaces located underneath them, and gradually move on to your carpets and then lastly your floor.

  • Ignoring The Areas With Maximum Footfall

You will have to create a list of all those areas that receive the maximum amount of footfall throughout the day. It can be your bedroom. It can also be the entertainment lounge that you created last year. Just remember to prioritize those areas more than other segments of the house. There are several touch points as well that you need to pay a lot of attention to such as your door knobs, handles, lights, switches, kitchen appliances, remote controls, and similar equipment and tools.

  • Not Giving Professional Cleaners A Chance

Well, this is not something out of the blue. End-of-lease cleaning can be made even more successful if you choose to hire a bond cleaning company. If you haven’t done this before, handling the entire process of decluttering your property and then cleaning it all by yourself can be a little messy and too overwhelming for you. So do give hiring a professional a serious thought.

Now Let’s Talk About Six Of The Most Easily Avoidable Mistakes Of End Of Lease Cleaning

  • Avoiding The Hidden Spots

We all tend to avoid the spots that are hidden somewhere either underneath a piece of furniture or a carpet that we assume will be too heavy for the landlord to lift. Remember, your landlord is going to look through every nook and corner of the property to locate even the most minor spot or the tiniest of stains that you may have left behind.

  • Scrubbing Windows Too Hard

It is never a good idea to scrub the windows and their panels too hard. You will eventually end up removing the shine and the polish of the windows by using a hard scrub or too much detergent. And also, you are not supposed to clean your windows on a sunny day. Because if you do so, you will have to struggle with a super dry streak that the harsh sunlight leaves behind.

  • Vacuuming The Carpets Too Frequently

You might think that vacuuming your carpets and rugs once every week or twice or thrice a week is a good idea. Yes. You can think about vacuuming them once every week but only in a single direction. Doing that twice or thrice a week and also back and fro is going to damage the fibers of your carpets significantly. Whether it is your own carpet or if it came with the property, vacuuming it too frequently is never advised.

  • Trying To Clean The House Before Vacating

The right thing to do is declutter your house or at least remove the heavy-duty furniture pieces away before you start cleaning it. It will not be possible for you to perform bond back cleaning efficiently if you haven’t removed or shifted your heavy furniture pieces and some of your delicate items out of the way. Trying to clean your house without vacating it is only going to put your possessions at risk of breakage and damage.

  • Forgetting Your Fans And Filters

Many people forget that they have fans and filters in their houses as well. These appliances and gadgets tend to attract a lot of dirt and grime. You need to give them enough attention before you move out of your house for good. In fact, as pointed out above, these spots should be cleaned right in the beginning when you are just about to start your end-of-lease cleaning process.

  • Ignoring Mould Issues

You might turn a blind eye to the mold issues that your house has but your landlord is not going to do that. Mould and mildew can be immensely difficult to get rid of but this is not an excuse that your landlord will accept. You will have to invest enough time and resources in getting this problem out of your house. This is the only way you can claim your bond money.

Final Thoughts

So, these were a few mistakes that not just you but practically every tenant is highly likely to make when he is trying to perform move-out cleaning on his own before he leaves the property for good. Remember, each of these mistakes is easily avoidable. You just have to pay a little bit more attention to how you clean your space and what areas require more attention than others. Happy cleaning!

Alex Light

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