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Corporate Conference hall
By GANESH 839 views

Things you need to check before booking a Corporate Event Venue

With an uprise of demand for meetings or social gatherings or corporate events, one thing has been the most common among all, venues. The venue is one such factor that remains common and of utmost importance in these cases. Looking for a corporate venue can be an exhausting job. With various details to consider, it can be mind-blogging if you have an unprepared list of requirements.

Before you start your venue search, make a list of the specific things that you would need for the event. Based on the kind of event, understand the style of the hall it requires. For example, presentation for a product launch will require a podium and round table seating arrangements, similarly, a formal conference for a sales presentation will require horizontal and formal seating arrangements. Thus it is essential to understand the key motive of the meeting. Once done, understand the demographics of the audience. A detailed understanding of the expectations of the audience will help decide better.

Once you know the expectations of the meeting and the attendees, you should also be well versed with approx. a number of heads attending the conference. Knowing the capacity or per headcount will help you choose a comfortable room where you can accommodate with some room to spare extras.

Pick up a venue that is centrally located. Delegates shouldn’t take more time to commute. Also, consider the peak traffic time keeping your meeting time in mind. Getting to the venue with the usual traffic hours should not take longer. If travelling will be a hassle, consider providing a shuttle bus for the attendees of the meeting.

Venues also offer catering services for their corporate clients. Meeting that lasts for 4-5 hours or more, companies do offer catering for their attendees. In such a case, look for there in house catering services. Accommodate special needs based on the client’s taste.

Parking is another factor that you need to consider. For corporate events happening in Hyderabad, you need to plan accordingly. Hyderabad is a crowded city, things can go overboard with heavy traffic congestion. In order to avoid further delays, make sure you have a valet or easy parking space.

A good venue should not only be centrally located but also fulfill other requirements like food/beverage, music, décor and more. An easily accessible location will make it convenient to make all employees reach a common assembly at a dedicated time. Its classroom configuration should also provide access to high-speed complimentary Wi-Fi. A projector with Bluetooth presentation is another added feature that a conference room should include. Make sure the venue has all the required facilities to have a smooth and hassle-free meeting.

Auspicious is one such venue that is the most preferred NRI wedding convention hall in Hyderabad. In addition to wedding banquets, they do provide a spacious banquet hall for birthday parties. It also offers spacious convention and conference rooms. Its excellent meeting space is designed using a contemporary design that can accommodate up to 500 guests. With different options, one can choose over round table rooms or a square table set up the conference room. An interactive whiteboard and overhead projector are inclusive services that help to make the event a hassle-free one. With podium on the stage, one can showcase their presentation skills. Companies can also access the venue during the early hours to be ready before time. Ask for wireless microphone and adjustable light setting if required. Auspicious has designated trained professionals for every event. Be it Banquet Hall for birthday parties’ wedding halls or corporate halls. Their expert event coordinators help you prepare for the day and make your event a successful one. Do not forget to speak with their culinary expertise and catering services department. Any special food or beverage request shall be accommodated.  Their customized catering services. This also includes any special dietary menu that you wish to include.

While you look for a venue, do remember that every additional service will cost you an extra penny. Corporates carry a budget that has to be completed within the set amount. Work on the breakup of each service like venue booking, food, travel decoration, entertainment, beverage, and others. Once you know the breakup of each section, the calculation will be an easy job.


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