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Emerge 180
By EMERGE180 2,587 views

How to boost your Business during a Pandemic

Regardless of what you understand about this pandemic, the setback it brought to our economy should be motivation to develop new growth strategies. This is the time for you to grow a lifetime relationship with your customer and boost your business – not to wallow in fear and allow failure to creep in.

Everything around the world has changed, including people’s routines. Fear and anxiety have taken over the hearts of numerous people.  Financial instability and bankruptcy are imminent for a great portion of our nation. During these uncertainties, our buying patterns change.  Where does this situation leave your business? It means you need to experiment with new marketing strategies, reach out to your client, support them emotionally, and reassure them. It is time to take a step backward and evaluate your business priorities and the resources you need in this present time.

In this period of crisis, losses are unavoidable; therefore, minimizing your loss and recognizing opportunities should be your priority. Emerge180, a company that helps small businesses facing financial challenges, identifies ways to boost business during this pandemic. Read on!

Implement new marketing strategy

As people are in isolation and many countries close their borders, the Internet becomes their best friend. Everyone moves to the internet seeking updates, answers, and ways to navigate these new norms. This is the ideal time to create new marketing strategies to reach out to your customers. Start a movement to help people suffering from fear and anxiety, create a digital marketing strategy. Implement an advertising campaign and put out content that improves your business visibility. This will help your business during this current siege.

Identify opportunities

During this pandemic, having the mindset of an entrepreneur plays an important role. You need to be able to recognize opportunities and have the courage to go for it. This does not imply taking advantage of people’s vulnerability to increase your prices, but seeing through their uncertainties and providing them with the right answer. This means identifying opportunities, making strategic decisions that will boost your business and make it stronger.

Optimize new sales channel

Think outside the box and prepare for the new normal.  New government rules (like social distancing) have changed the way we do business.  Think about how to increase your sales and the checkpoints you will face before operating on any campaign. Start an online immediate delivery to your customers; create an online chat tool to answer customer’s questions. Post FAQ’s on your website with strong search functionality. Create content that provides helpful information about the pandemic and how to solve problems that arise in the midst of it.  And don’t forget to post the content on every digital platform.

Increase and retain customer relationships

What are you doing to increase your customers? How do you communicate with your customers? When your customer feels you value them, they remain loyal to your business. Provide great customer service, focusing on the interest of your customers. Help solve their challenges and you will connect with them.  When you build their trust by offering great products and experience, they become your brand ambassador referring friends and family to your business.  This is free marketing and the best marketing.

Manage your team

Focus on motivating your team to create an effective workflow among your employers. Discuss individual challenges and how to overcome them.  Provide a conducive, safe, and welcoming environment for them to work effectively. Whether it be emotional or financial support, let your employees know you are there for them through thick and thin.


Emerge180 was born out of the ideal that small business is the driving force behind the US economy. Because that journey can be dynamic and uncertain, entrepreneurs face financial challenges that often appear insurmountable. Emerge180 is a partner in

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