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breathing problems
By SARA WILSON 1,687 views

Breathing Problems: Are You Aware Of The Causes?

Health is the complete state of harmony that is constituted by mind, body, and soul. One becomes completely energized when his soul is free. This can only be achieved when there are no mental distractions or physical disabilities. The calmness of mind and body are interrelated to each other. In most cases, The problems in your body make you feel discomfort in your mind as well. It is very important to maintain the health of the body which constitutes mental health. A well-maintained body can be the biggest asset in your life. It gives fresh energy to your mind and soul.

Nowadays, Health maintenance is a luxury. It is because of various reasons including work demands, laziness, lifestyle, and a myriad of others. Our lives have parted far from activities that constitute the health of body and mind which was not the case in the olden days. The lifestyle in those days was highly relevant to the maintenance of life which obviously kept our lives healthy. An individual doesn’t require extra effort for the concern. This is not the case today, The world today is taken over by technology. Most of the jobs today are white collared which gives no space for body involvement in the workspace. One has to put in extra effort and dedicate time to make sure his/her body is healthy.

Another important reason is the environmental changes due to various reasons like pollution, contamination, etc. It is due to deforestation, over-exploitation of resources, and various other reasons. People nowadays suffer from various new diseases as an effect. The list longs with various body-related diseases. Breath problems top the list these days. Sadly most of us are not aware of the common causes. Let me explain to you in detail the reasons for breathing problems.

Contaminated Air

The earth is the biggest victim of human activities. We are blessed to live on a planet like Earth which is filled with all the resources for human survival. We must be grateful to nature. Instead, we over-exploit every resource of the planet making it weaker. Industrial activities are happening over the limits that contaminate every component of the environment that includes air. Air contamination is one of the most serious issues in the world. This is one of the important reasons for various breath problems including various breathing problems as it damages the respiratory system along with various diseases like cardiovascular damage, nervous system damage, and even cancer.


Allergies are one of the main factors that cause breathing problems. Briefly, It is an antibiotic reaction of the immune system when you get in contact with an allergen. It considers allergen as harmful even though it isn’t. Allergy can be caused by various types of allergic triggers such as ragweed, pollen, animal dander, or dust mites. In some cases, factors like smoke, chemical fumes, strong odors, or extreme weather conditions can also be triggers. Asthma generally leads to asthma in most cases which is a serious breathing problem that has to be treated immediately, says ThreeBestRated® specialists.

Mouth Breathing

You might sound weird! It is a fact that mouth breathing leads to breathing problems with time. Mouth breathing is simply said to be breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. Healthcare providers estimate that around 10–25% of children do mouth breathing which causes various after-effects in the body. Mouth breathing makes you inhale air by bypassing nasal mucosa which makes regular breathing difficult in most cases. This eventually leads to discomfort in breathing. This practice is also proven to develop sleeping disorders like sleep apnea.


Genetics is also said to be one of the main reasons for breathing issues. As we all know genes inherit characters to the next generation. It is the base of your behavior and characterization. Genes also inherit diseases and conditions in some cases. This leads one to get affected by the disease even if he/she is exposed to the causes. The breathing problem caused by genes includes Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) & asthma. Several genes like TNFα, TGFβ1, MMP12 (matrix metalloproteinase 12), and ADAM33 are said to transfer these genetic diseases. Unfortunately, In most cases, it cannot be cured as it is inherited. All you can do is maintain a proper condition that withstands the problem.


Lifestyle too constitutes the issue as we practice many bad habits in our day-to-day activities. Activities like chain-smoking are proven to cause cancer of various types and even drinking alcohol regularly is proven to cause respiratory diseases like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) as it reduces lung capacity. These habits not only cause breathing problems, It actually becomes a serious addiction and has very serious after-effects that would spoil your entire life.

All these are some of the very basic causes of breathing problems. One has to be knowledgeable about the concern to resist the effects. It is always as good as gold to prevent any disease rather than cure it.

Sara Wilson

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