Your bedroom is a sacred place for you. It is the place where you rejuvenate, rest, and take a break from daily work life. The darker bedroom is the best for sleeping, but you need to light it up for your wake-up hours. A brighter room facilitates you from getting out of your bed. Here are some clever ideas that can help you brighten up your bedroom:

Replace the old furniture pieces with the new one 

In order to brighten up your bedroom, you should focus on refreshing or replacing the big items, furniture pieces. It is crucial for you, as old and dark furniture pieces will break the look of your space by maximizing the outdated pieces. Go with giving a fresh look to your bedroom furniture pieces by painting with a coat of a new paint colour if you don’t want to buy a new one.

Be creative with your bedroom lighting

All of us know lights are our need to brighten up a space. However, we don’t take proper care of home lighting. We just choose a few lights and hang them from the ceilings or walls of our home. It is not good for you, especially when you are determined to brighten up your bedroom. Apart from general lighting, you should focus on ambient and task lighting. And for it, you should go with installing bedside lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps, and hanging lights for the bedroom. By having many lighting sources, you will create a brighter bedroom for your wake hours.

Have a black and white colour scheme 

The use of a black and white colour scheme will help you to fetch bright features and materials that make the lights get reflected in your sleeping space for wake hours. For better outcomes, use the white colour as the primary focus and the black for accents. You can place a few dark furniture pieces to create a better white background in the space.

Spruce up your bedroom walls 

The walls of your sleeping space at home are a primary factor in bringing brightness. Stay away from dreary and dark paint, as it will the feel of your room. You can go with applying a fresh coat of new paint colour, sticking wallpapers, and hanging paintings & frames to spruce up your bedroom walls. In the selection of the paint colour, think a lot about what every colour represents and how it will affect the feel of your room.

Pay attention to your window treatments

While brightening up the sleeping space, you should also focus on treating your windows well. In the window treatment, value soft fabrics and sleek lines. You can use drapes and blinds together to cover your windows. Such a window covering will append more depth to space. Some experts advise placing two layers of drapes on the windows to have enhanced privacy. Cheerful curtains of light colours will help you make the space look beautiful when your windows are open.

Have cheerful bedding and pillows

The bed on which you take rest during the day and sleep at night is perhaps the most decorative item in your bedroom. Apart from keeping you cozy and warm, your bedding makes you have a comfort feel. The pillows placed on the bed help you bring an aesthetic appeal. Whether it is pillows, pillow covers, or mattress, you must keep it always clean and updated. And ensure that they are comfortable to sleep.

Use shiny decorative items 

In the way of brightening up your sleeping space, you should personalise it and use shiny decorative items. Pay attention to decorate it as per your style statement. You can opt for placing potted plants on the floor or hanging the same from the wall/ceiling with the use of planters. These potted plants and flowers are shiny and bright. Apart from cleaning the indoor air, they help you make a statement for your sleeping space.


Brightening up a bedroom associate with many things such as decoration, lighting, and furnishing. You should pay attention to each detail. Your careful planning and execution will facilitate you to bring brightness in your bedroom. 

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