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By AMELIACARTER 1,501 views

How to Budget When Living in London as a Student

If you decide to study in London, the cultural capital of England, you have to take into consideration your money and how to budget. London is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse range of people and cultures; it is a contemporary city that has everything you need to live in today’s modern society. As much as London is an exciting and amazing city to live in, it is also an expensive one and you have to be careful especially if you want to be left with nothing at the end of the month. Nevertheless, even though it is expensive, it is worth every penny. Best Student Halls will show you how to budget and have fun as a student in London. First of all, we offer cheap Student Accommodation London and Student Rooms London, therefore we advise you to secure your student accommodation as soon as you can, as they always fill up fast!


The distance between your university and Student Studios London will play a big role in your budget. Best Student Halls will help you narrow down the best property for you depending on your budget and requirements. Student Accommodation London right in the centre is more expensive than the outside areas however it will put you near several universities and colleges, so you’ll save on travel costs. Remember, you always have to consider travel costs as well, by train, bus or tube.


Finding ways to travel cheaply in London can be quite hard. Owning a car is out of the question because it is very expensive to travel to the centre daily. London buses are a good option, there are lots every day all day and for as little as £1.50 each ride. The London tube is a great, fast way to travel but it can be pricey; therefore, an easy way to save up money is to buy an Oyster Card. Pay a certain amount every week or month and travel as much as you want. You also might be lucky as a lot of our Student Accommodation London are situated next to tube stations. If possible, walking or cycling are also two great ways to save on your travel expenses.


There are plenty of things to do in London for free and you can spend time with your friends and make memories without going on a crazy night out only to regret it the day after. London has some beautiful parks and when the weather is sunny, you can enjoy a delicious picnic or a stroll or even read a book in the sun. Also, there are dozens of free walking tours around the most popular areas in London. Ask at the reception of your Student Accommodation London and they will be able to help you with everything you need. Last but not least, in London, you will be able to visit some museums for free, such as the British Museum, Tate Modern and plenty more.


Plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment spots will offer great student discounts, download vouchers from UNiDAYS and other discount providers, which will help you find the best deals around London. And remember, always ask if they do a student discount, it will help you save a little bit of money. Shopping smart, researching discounts, and spending wisely, will ensure you not only have money in the bank every day but also treat yourself when the mood hits you.


Best Student Halls wants to help you in every way possible, therefore when choosing our Student Rooms London; we guarantee that bills are included in the rent. Our Student Accommodation London is modern and fully equipped with everything you need. Not only will you love living here, but you will also feel sad when it’s time to leave. Whatever you need or you are feeling our team is here to help you and make you feel welcome. As you can see, there are many ways to budget so that you do not have to sacrifice fun and excitement. Go ahead and make that decision to study in London with Best Student Halls.


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