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Business Coach

Shamir Kumar Nandy | How Business Coaching Boost ROI and Business

Can you remember your experience with your amazing coach in the past? If you can take a walk down memory lane, you will remember how your sports coach has greatly contributed to your business success. Do you feel the same with your current management leaders?

A leadership coach can have a profound effect not only on the business executives, managers, or the employees but also on your ROI and the overall success of the organization. Shockingly leadership development statistics discover that a whopping 71% of companies think that their present leaders are not capable enough to carry the organization into the future.

More reasons why organizations are investing in coaching to equip the leaders and boost their effectiveness. However, for leadership coaching that produces the desired results, there are crucial things business coaches need for effective coaching sessions.  Here, Shamir Kumar Nandy, a professional business coach, who has over the years helps results-driven and performance-oriented individuals achieve personal, professional, and organizational success walks you through what leadership coaches need to know.

Know your audience

There is no way your coaching can be effective without having goals and objectives and this can be achieved when you know your audience on a personal level. Why exactly do they need the coaching? What are their challenges? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What issues need to be tackled in order to drive the organization forward? Work hand in hand with the organization and ask questions. Gather and analyze data to examine the leader’s behavior, those of the employees, and their performance.  This way, you can formulate objectives and goals to work with and your audience will be able to know what to expect at the business coaching.

Use the right tools and techniques

While it is great as a business coach to go ahead with your knowledge and experience. (Afterall you won’t be a business coach without the knowledge in the first place), you also need to know your limits and where you might need other professionals to tackle some areas. Aside from providing tools and resources, technology, and reading materials, work with experts that can best handle certain issues. That is why you need the right team on board you can also make use of other’s materials or video conferencing.

Create a productive environment

The most powerful coaches understand the value of creating and developing an environment will be best effective to reach the desired goal. “To increase engagement and boost productivity during coaching, a business coach makes use of techniques that results in a friendlier, happier, and more productive environment” advises Shamir Kumar Nandy. Not only do you have to bubble with positive vibes and exert high energy levels, but you also need to ensure you keep the training engaging, and interactive as much as possible. Moreover, figure out the best questions to ask your audience and see their responses. This way, you gain their full attention and the whole training will be productive.

Promote mutual trust

“The foundation of all effective business coaching is genuine trust. Without trust, you might not get your coachees to share their real thoughts or disclose their concerns. Hence, missing out on important underlying behavioral issues,” Shamir Kumar Nandy says. ‘To build trust, get to know your audience on a personal level, ask questions, and listen attentively. Be approachable, friendly, and let them know you can be trusted with their concerns and goals.” he adds. Moreover, you can adopt an open-door policy, do not be judgemental but rather show empathy, show genuine interest, and care for them. Watch as they self-disclose issues that can help unlock hidden answers and potentials.

Ask for feedback

Best coaches don’t mind being coached as well. Ask for feedback on the coaching and let your audience tells you areas that need improvement. This will also make you evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching and tell your audience that you value their progress and you want to better in coaching them. Ask feedback in between sessions using emails, questionnaires, and any other forms of communication or during one-on-one sessions. You will be amazed at how much invaluable information you can get that can boost your performance and growth.

Shamir Kumar Nandy

Dato’ Sri Dr Shamir Kumar Nandy is an Executive Chairman of GV Corporate Advisory Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leading business consultancy firm, as an exclusive corporate intermediary for clients with mutual partners